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No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites

Don’t include social share buttons in small-screen websites, unless the user just tapped through from a social network.


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GOV.UK social sharing buttons: the first 10 weeks

So far in this study, sharing buttons haven’t driven significant traffic. I’d argue that the clutter and page slowdown meant they had a negative effect

Collaborative writing tool - hosted Etherpad Lite


Think Dropbox without the central server - it syncs files between your computers, hence “unlimited storage”.

Share My Playlists

Spotify playlist directory/community. Could be very handy


Similar to Synergy but just for Macs


Contacts/Calendar syncing across virtually everything


A Synergy style app for controlling Macs

BusyMac - BusySync for iCal

iCal synchronisation across Macs on a LAN

Techcrunch comparison of current (October 2007) web video services