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Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals

Good advice not to slavish copy a methodology that Spotify doesn’t actually use and to find what works for you. A nod to Basecamp’s Shape Up as something worth evaluating.

Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals

Spotify doesn’t use “the Spotify model” and neither should you

The dangers of slavishly copying big companies’ processes.

Squad Health Check model

Spotify’s model for visualising state of squad

Spotify-for-Alfred: aka Spotifious

Spotify controller for Alfred


Ruby wrapper for the Spotify Web API

After a week-or-two of flirting with Apple Music, @Spotify’s new Discover feature has lured me back. Love its selection for me this week.

How we do recruitment at Spotify

Spotify Notifications

Shows the currently playing song in Notification Center

Scaling Agile at Spotify

Organising a 250-person agile team - tribes, squads, chapters and guilds

Shine Compilations on Spotify

Spotify <3

Tools and scripts to make the most of your account from Spotify and vice versa

Share My Playlists

Spotify playlist directory/community. Could be very handy