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A white-label slide deck

Responsive HTML Email Templates

Postmark Transactional Email Templates

Content ready, mobile friendly, and beautiful across all major email clients.


Email tracking, scheduling, templates, send later, and surveys for Gmail


Responsive CSS boilerplate

iOS Devices for

Poole for Jekyll

Example templates, pages, posts, and styles for Jekyll

Startup Design Framework - Website Builder - Designmodo

Style Guide Boilerplate

Template for creating a website style guide

New Twitter Profile PSD


Lightweight, simple Ruby templating language

Mobile development with HTML5

Viewports, caching and jQuery templating

HTML email boilerplate

Mobile Boilerplate

Best practices and useful code, including a sitemap.xml, .htaccess, stylesheet, helper JS, default.appcache and HTML template.

Shower: HTML presentation template

Attractive, CSS3 enhanced, web font toting presentation template. Love the progress bar.

Degradable JavaScript Applications Using HTML5 pushState

Also some neat DRY techniques for graceful degradation using Sinatra/Mustache and Davis.js/Mustache so that the web server routes/templates match the client versions

30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers

Rails Boost: Rails Template Generator

Makes a custom Rails 2.3 stack with your choice of plugins and whatnot

Grid Designer 2

Enter widths, gutters and/or number of columns and this tool will work out the dimensions you need to use. It can also export CSS for the layout and also typography, aligned to a baseline grid

33 free HTML email templates

Tested to work in all the major clients, split into left/right sidebar and single column designs. From the Campaign Monitor people