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Premium Tumblr themes by the MetaLab team. Lots of rich, glossy designs.

How to Build a Simple Tumblr Blog with ExpressionEngine

Ian Hines Helps You Move From Tumblr to WordPress

Also a handy guide in setting up tumblelog style posting in Wordpress

The Tumblr Gem

Very simple tumblr posting from the shell: eg “$ tumblr mypost.mdown”


Inspirational way of travelblogging using a map and Tumblr

Cargo Theme (Tumblr)

Interesting method of displaying Tumblr posts

The PhotoBoard Tumblr Theme. Designed by Ben Delaney.

Lovely photos/links Tumblr theme

Theme Garden | Tumblr

Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous

Space Miner

Wilson Miner’s wife’s tumblelog. Lovely content, but I’m also interested in the lovely Tumblr theme Wilson has created for the missus.

Using a custom domain name | Tumblr

Tumblr’s simple setup and great help for setting up a custom domain with their service Tumblr Weekly Top Artists

Third time’s a charm « Davidville

Tumblr now at 3.0