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As seems obligatory today, this note tests whether I can post tweets with over 140 characters, now that Twitter supports up to 280. I’m posting this to my site first (naturally) and hopefully the Ruby @gem and Twitter’s API won’t bork when it’s syndicated 🤞

Twitter Sundays, Facebook Wednesdays, and Reddit Fridays: When People Read on the Internet


Twitter bot framework


A small utility to shorten posts to an acceptable tweet-length summary.


Twitter archive updater

Metadata markup

How to (more efficiently) include Twitter/Facebook/Open Graph metadata in your pages

Handy localised events calendar by Twitter:

Reposted Twitter (@twitter) Twitter (@twitter)’s post on Twitter
Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.

Finally got round to allowing my reposts to have a comment/content to support Twitter’s new(ish) retweet-with-comment functionality.

Micropublish also had a bump to show the content field when posting.

In September 2006 I posted one of the first ever tweets about Arsenal Football Club, lamenting my team’s fondness for always trying to walk it in after watching a frustrating draw with Middlesborough at The Emirates.

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Twitter adds RT-with-quote functionality via progressive enhancement: it uses a link to the original tweet.

(Well, that’s the theory. Let’s see if this actually works when syndicated to Twitter).

So I now have a new feature to add here: take tweet URLs and expand them below my own note. Even better, make this indieweb-friendly and take a summary when doing a “quote-with-repost” of someone’s indieweb post.


Twitter/email inbox for teams

Spark Central

Social media (Twitter) customer support

Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

Adds a card to subscribe followers to your newsletter

Twitter have recently announced changes to support multiple photos per tweet and tagging of people in photos, changes that bring their service even closer to Facebook/Instagram.

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Visualizing Epics and Dependencies in JIRA


Draw random Twitter followers, retweets and hashtags


Twitter’s library for auto linking and extraction of usernames, lists and hashtags in tweets

New Twitter Profile PSD

Chirp.js — Tweets on your website, simply.

Tweets by @ian_winter

Ian’s tweets archived using TweetNest