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Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses


The ultimate JavaScript form validation library

The perils of form validation

The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist


Checks the syntax of all changed ruby files is valid before allowing a commit

European VAT Number Validation API

Validate VAT number via a simple REST API. Returns JSON true/false or JSONP. Uses Google App Engine - by Aral Balkan

LiveValidation - Validation as you type

Rails.Savvica: Email Veracity Plugin

validatesemailveracity_of :email

JSLint, The JavaScript Verifier

Useful one-page tool to validate Javascript

HTML Purifier

Standards compliant HTML cleaner in PHP

XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet

Compatibility testing for web sites and email newsletters - Litmus

MailChimp Inbox Inspector

Check your HTML email campaign in multiple email clients

ActiveForm - a form generator dsl

Email address validation

Cal Henderson provides an RFC822 complient email validation function for PHP. Also included are links to Ruby and Python versions of the same.

UnicodeChecker 1.9 (Quarter Life Crisis)

Ajax-ified Weblog

Simple form validation using Ajax