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A simple, customizable HTML5 Video, Audio, YouTube and Vimeo player


Video Hosting for Business

RubyKaigi 2017

Playlist of videos from the conference


Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

Learn Vue 2: Step By Step

Free videos to help you learn Vue 2

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound


Helium is a floating browser window that allows you to watch media while you work. Your content will never fall behind your other windows even as you switch tasks.

Charming short film of a brave actor trying “offline dating” by approaching women in London. So many knockbacks!

“The Waterloo Bridge Handicap” (race commentary from 10m30s)

Love this clip of Leonard Rossiter ‘racing’ other commuters which was played on the screen at last night’s Belle and Sebastian gig. The race follows the same route I take when working in our London office. I also always end up pretend-racing others walking across the bridge up to the Strand. I wonder if they’re also in on it?

MVC Video Training from Pluralsight

Swift tutorial: Networking, JSON, Table Views, and MVVM

Suede - Love & Poison

Video from Suede’s 1993 Brixton gig

Stand-up comedian stringing along an online dating scammer

GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is a Mac OS X application that lets you convert brief clips from your video files into GIFs.

Project Looking Glass

Office-to-office video screens using Raspberry Pis


TV appliance for Skype calls on a TV without a computer

RailsConf 2012 Schedule

Videos of the RailsConf presentations, including DHH’s keynote


Video conferencing in HD from Logitech

Mastering Git Basics by Tom Preston-Werner

~1 hour video by GitHub’s Tom

Fluid Images

Resize images and videos to fit the available space in a fluid layout. Includes workarounds for IE