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Social Media Icons — Paul Robert Lloyd


Rating stars for Prototype

FancyBox - jQuery image zooming plugin

Yet another image zoomer but still quite sexy

Share Icon Project

“An icon to represent ‘sharing’: posting to social sites, sending by e-mail, etc.” - Share and remix data using open standards

Bringing together lots of fun stuff in one place

2007: More Web Design Trends

Cartoon characters, swirls/flourishes, broken borders, big RSS icons, textured designs, rich colours with grey background

Disqus | Welcome!

Add-on comments system. Could be useful for a Tumblr tumblelog


Make fake data - useful for screenshots or examples


Another social Twitter bot. Great idea, well executed

Lightbox 2

Great modal effect, either for previewing images or any other overlay

Bamboo Blog - Google's OpenSocial with Ruby on Rails

Third time’s a charm « Davidville

Tumblr now at 3.0

NoseRub - The home of decentralized, social networks

Aggregate all your friends’ stuff in one place

Adactio: Journal - The password anti-pattern

Asking users for their Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo email and password to find their friends is bad: “it’s a horrible precedent that teaches users to be phished”

Been lightboxed lately? - (37signals)

Usage of lightboxes certainly polarises opinion. It’s fast becoming the Marmite of web 2.0 ™©®

Announcing FogBugz On Demand - Joel on Software

How FB adapted their boxed software to be a hosted app: hired sysadmin, two datacentres, database-managed DNS, database synced LA to/from NY

JavaScript-based Amazon Web Services Simple Monthly Calculator

How much will it cost to use S3, EC2 and/or SQS

Particletree » Web App Autopsy

Comparing expeirences of Wufoo, Blinksale, Feedburner and Regonline - support, maintenance, revenue, seasonality

Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in

iLike Team Blog: Holy cow... 6mm users and growing 300k/day!

How iLike became huuuuuge