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Microsoft BizSpark

Startup scheme for MS developers: free software and tools (with a few caveats)

The Great Typekit Table

List of fonts suitable for long blocks of text. No handwriting or monospace nonsense, plus indicates which work well on Windows

Miro Video Converter

Free Mac/Windows converter for most video formats into MP4, Ogg Theora and WebM for use as HTML5 video


Windows app installer/updater that downloads popular browsers, IM clients, utilities, etc. all in one and without the cruft

Why Capistrano won't be supported on Windows

“Microsoft may be an 800lb gorilla, but it’s not my gorilla, and it’s not in my room. If you need to appease the gorilla, that is (with all due respect) not my problem.” Quite right. It’s open source: if people want it to work on Windows they can send modify and send patches.

First look at Windows 7's User Interface

Meh… (spoken like a Mac fanboy)

Coding Horror: Don't Forget To Lock Your Computer

The act of vandalising someone’s unlocked computer is called “goating” apparently


Mac VNC client that Rui Carmo rates

Screensavers - Best Of | Graphics

Lovely collection of screensavers - both free and commercial


Multi-protocol IM client for Windows and *nix Macs Really Do Run Windows Better

No cruft and paid install stuff with Bootcamp/Parallels etc.


Hard disk space tool for Windows showing usage in a… tree

CoRD: Remote Desktop for Mac OS X

RDP client that’s faster than MS’s Mac one.

Coding Horror: The Windows Security Epidemic: Don't Run as an Administrator

Useful arguments for doing this at work

Primate Labs : Geekbench

Cross-platform benchmarker

Download details: IE App Compat VHD

VirtualPC images for testing IE6/7

Omnicypher - Michael Imhoff: CFMX Setup on Vista

Using IIS

Parallels Coherence Mode

Compelling screencast of a Mac desktop running Outlook, Visio, IE, etc alongside native apps New Remote Desktop client released by Microsoft

Faster, nicer, dual screen support

Free id3 tag editor - AudioShell

Edit MP3 tags from Windows Explorer