Barry Frost

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July 2001

The British and Irish Lions were humbled in the test series in Australia; England are currently being completely annihilated in the Ashes cricket series against Australia; The Sydney Olympics were an unqualified success and Australia was just voted the second best country on Earth to live in. Kind of makes you want to be Australian, doesn’t it? Well, I’ve just heard from my second/third(?) cousins from Melbourne who barely know me but have offered to meet Sue and me when we get there in September, give us somewhere to stay, show us around their city and generally take care of us. How nice is that?!

Less than four weeks to go in Wellington before we leave for the South Island. This is despite Sue’s employers begging her to stay at least until Christmas and even offering to help talk me round! She’s flattered and it was quite tempting to stay - after all, we’ve both got good jobs we enjoy and love the place - but we’d just be delaying the inevitable and could miss graduate recruitment deadlines. And, of course, we’re missing home.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Marystaple gig on Friday. Dusty (my boss)‘s almost finished the video for their first single, Labourer, I’ve listened to most of their unreleased album and the whole band seems to be half living in the office at the moment so they definitely feel like “my” band. They’re supporting a band headed by the actor that places Marshall from Shortland Street. Weird. It’ll kind of be like watching Tyrone from Coronation Street…

This is starting to get a bit rugby dominated but, hey ho, we are in Rugbyland after all. Sue and I had a mad day on Saturday when we finally got to see the All Blacks. We took our first train since England into Johnsonville for a pre-match house barbeque at one of Sue’s workmates. We also had our first taste of green-lipped mussels - apparently unique to NZ - which (fussy) Sue did very well not to spit in the chef’s face, bless her. She coped much better with the beer. The atmosphere at the match was excellent even if (perhaps being slightly biased) I felt that there’s more passion and noise at a Premiership match. The French rolling over didn’t exactly help fire the crowd. Definitely worth the outrageous cost of the tickets.

We left five minutes early - shame on us, but otherwise we’d never have made it to the pub - to watch the Lions. With more beer, a largely pro-Lions Kiwi/British crowd watched Britain (and Eire) beat them lot across the Tasman. World champions, my arse! Waking up on Sunday morning, we both realised exactly how much we’d enjoyed ourselves. I’m sure our hangover recovery time is getting worse since we left uni…

Final notes - well done and congratulations to all those finalists back home who are getting their results and… where’s your captain now, Scummers?!