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The first @venntrodev “DevOps Friday” has begun: a day of improving the @wld platform. I’m learning about #golang to fix a broken tool.

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Micropub test of creating an h-entry with categories. This post should have two categories, test1 and test2

Micropub test of creating a basic h-entry

Enjoyed and learned something from each of the sessions at #mtpcon today, with ideas to take back to @venntrodev

North Norfolk Notes

Earlier this week I returned from a very enjoyable holiday in a surprisingly sunny North Norfolk with Laura and 10-month old Henry. For posterity and in case it’s useful for those with a similarly-aged baby/toddler, here are a few of my highlights.

Days out

  • Snettisham Park: working farm with calves, piglets, lambs, goats, rabbits and other pettable animals you can also feed, plus a deer safari. Cafe, good toilets, etc.
  • Holkham Hall: large country estate with excellent facilities for visitors. Good for a long fully-paved walk, cake and tea.
  • Sea Life, Hunstanton: Perfect for the one wet day we had. Plenty of wide-eyed, wide-mouthed reactions from Henry to the fish, sharks, alligators, seals and penguins.


  • Old Hunstanton Beach: sandy, quiet with a cafe and paid parking seconds away.
  • Brancaster: large paid car park nearby, superb sandy beach. Easy to carry toddler and bags.


  • Lifeboat Inn: Tucked away near the historic Coal Barn, the Inn has superb seafood and a sunny courtyard.
  • Chequers: Friendly, recently-renovated pub with interesting pizzas. I enjoyed the devilled Wells crab with salt and pepper.
  • Eric’s Fish and Chips: smart restaurant/takeway with excellent haddock and chips.

We stayed in Gardener’s Cottage in Thornham, an attractive village not far from Hunstanton with pavements suitable for a pushchair. Quiet, comfortable and well-equipped, the cottage had plenty of space for our family of three.

Most of the list above was easily accessible by car in minutes along the fast A149 which stretches along the coast. No windy, single-track roads with grass down the middle. We were probably lucky with our hot sunny weather in September, but in my opinion it’s a worthy alternative to a long trek down to Cornwall from the South-East.

Reposted Aaron Parecki‘s post “Micropub CR” on
I'm excited to announce that Micropub is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation! Three Years of Incubation and Selfdogfooding Micropub began in 2013 when I outlined a simple API to create blog posts and short notes for my website, and then imp…

Micropub is now a @W3C CR. Congratulations to @aaronpk and all the #indieweb contributors.

With this news I’m excited to see further clients and servers start to emerge. I’ve been using Micropub as the only method of posting to this site since January 2015 but I’ve yet to add in full update/delete capabilities. Time to get hacking.

When your house is on fire you don’t wait to see if it goes out by itself, you call 999 straight away.

@arseblog on Arsenal’s inaction over Centre Back injuries. Clearly negligent to start the season so unprepared.

England v Pakistan Test Match. Day 2. ☀️

Prompted by Calum publishing an indie event page for the next Homebrew Website Club meeting in London, I’ve modified this site to support sending RSVPs.

Nice way of prioritising features: wait until you have a use-case before building.

Introducing Webhook Mentions

Webhook Mentions is a very simple Ruby app I’ve built that sends Webmentions to any links in new/updated posts in a Jekyll-powered GitHub Pages site marked up with Microformats 2 h-entry markup.

It’s intended to wait quietly in the background and is triggered via a webhook that’s fired when you push to your GitHub Pages blog.

Full instructions and source code are on the webhook-mentions GitHub repository.

It was inspired in part by Pelle Wessman’s webpage-micropub-to-github project that acts as a Micropub gateway for your GitHub Pages blog. I wanted to provide a way for those with static blogs to use another key IndieWeb technology.

It was my first time using the incredibly easy-to-use Heroku Button which makes it simple to set up your own instance of a little app like this. Recommended.

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And here's a behind the scenes video of how GOV.UK Notify works.

Slick SMS/email/mail tool by @gdsteam, showing that UX is still important for “internal” apps.

While I’m a staunch BBC supporter/defender, I can’t see the need or fit for its new BBC+ portal-style app. Surely it only invites further criticism from commercial rivals?

As a user of an Advanced (Acorn) Risc Machines chip in my Archimedes in the 80s/90s, I’m a bit sad it’s being sold abroad

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We're looking for a Development Team Manager to run our dev team at @venntro in Windsor. DM with any questions.

I would love the option to check in via @foursquare when I use my @getmondo card. I may not have signal but Mondo knows where card is used.

Nothing much further to add to #brexit . I voted for us to stay in, but now that we’re (going to be) out, the sooner we can stabilise the economy, society and politics the better. The Thick Of It’s “omnishambles” feels more appropriate a term than ever.

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Homebrew Website Club London popup! #IndieWeb #HWC #HWC_LDN #London #nofilter

Watching The Clangers with my son. Granny Clanger gives Small Clanger a knitted scarf. But they’re each made from knitted wool so it’s basically a flesh scarf. Horrific.

I’m going to this evening’s popup Homebrew Website Club in London: