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I really like the Life Happens page in the IndieWeb wiki that Ana highlights. Such a great message to acknowledge that other things happen in people’s lives that can prevent them participating in a community.

Micropublish now supports the proposed Micropub extension for Channels. If your server’s endpoint responds to ?q=channel, or your config has a channel property, you can use the new field.

While my current site doesn’t use channels, I’ve designed page management in my new, work-in-progress server to use the new proposal.

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I have come to suspect that slowly redesigning your website (forever) provides almost exactly the same kind of ligh…

Micropublish: IndieAuth updates and supported properties feature

Yesterday I pushed a new release of Micropublish to include recent updates for clients to the IndieAuth specification, as summarised in Aaron Parecki’s IndieAuth 2020 write-up.

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My Christmas tree decoration #christmastree #bahhumbug

Six years after I tried it and initially questioned the pricing, I guess Slack knew what they were doing. Not bad for a spin-off from a MMORPG.

I’ve been using @tailwindcss for a few weeks and surprised myself by how much it clicked. Like many, I thought it was blasphemy, but building with it is fast and addictive. Happy to see dark-mode support and more in 2.0.

I love the new Raspberry Pi 400 😍. Major nostalgia for my beloved Acorn Electron and other keyboard-computer micros from the eighties.

Raspberry Pi 400

Micropublish v2.3.0

I’ve pushed a biggish update to Micropublish to bring it to v2.3.0. It includes some of the stable and experimental Micropub extensions discussed in the IndieWeb pop-up session I joined earlier this year.

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Source control in the 1980s using a pink dinosaur, part of Paul Fellows’ tales of Acornsoft, Arthur and RISC OS:

We had 7 or 8 guys trying to write an operating system to go into a ROM, so you’ve got to get it right, and they’re all doing different bits of it and some of these share system files. No CVS, no source control, no Sourcesafe, none of that. The solution was the main system header file with all the constants, SWI numbers and addresses of everything lived in. You could edit that if you had the pink dinosaur on your desk. If you did not have the pink dinosaur on your desk you could not edit it. If you edited it without the pink dinosaur, my Australian friend, Brian Cockburn, would come round and see you.

Some code I’ve contributed to open-source projects is now being stored in vaults in the Arctic, thanks to GitHub’s Archive Programme. Very cool (excuse the pun).

GitHub badge showing I contributed to projects in the Archive Programme

Ready to listen along to one of my favourite ever albums, Olympian by Gene #timstwitterlisteningparty

Olympian CD front
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Group picture @indiewebcamp London! #IndieWeb We had a good time "meeting" #Online during #COVID19

This weekend’s IndieWebCamp in London has sensibly been switched to online-only because of the current health concerns.

A big well done to the organisers, Cheuk, Calum and Ana, for their initial attempts to keep it going and then swiftly reconfiguring for an online event. Communication with attendees during the week has been exemplary.

I’m very much looking forward to joining tomorrow’s sessions from the comfort and safety of my home office.

I went to @GrowableMeetups’ Serverless talks at @CazooUK this week. I find real-world examples much more compelling than theory, and @bobthemighty’s and Scott’s stories of rapid scalability and what can be built with small teams were very impressive.

Tried Apple Pay’s Express Mode on the Tube this morning and it worked beautifully. Lightning fast and no risk to barrier etiquette. FYI set up your “Express Travel Card” in your Wallet first.

  1. First language: BBC BASIC
  2. Had difficulties: Assembly
  3. Most used: CFML (ColdFusion) and JavaScript
  4. Totally hate: ASP/VBScript
  5. Loved: HTML forever!
  6. For beginners: Ruby


Highly recommended: Stewart Lee’s Sharknado / Alan Bennett routine. Even better when the stage props fail.

New wallpaper: the global #ShowYourStripes climate crisis graphic to remind me every time I pick up my phone.

Show Your Warming Stripes

In enemy territory for a meeting