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When I give talks or workshops, I sometimes get a bit ranty. One of the richest seams of rantiness comes from me complaining about how we web designers and developers are responsible for making the web a hostile place. “Stop getting the web wrong!” I…

Jeremy Keith on how Facebook’s Instant Articles is borne out of the crappy experience and poor performance of websites. “The web doesn’t suck. Your websites suck.”

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How a weekend crash course helped our new ScrumMaster Hayley 'Spring into Code' #springintocode #girlsintech

Oh Facebook! That algorithm needs a lot more work…

Which sports team do you like?

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Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.

Finally got round to allowing my reposts to have a comment/content to support Twitter’s new(ish) retweet-with-comment functionality.

Micropublish also had a bump to show the content field when posting.

MG Siegler on Facebook’s Instant Articles:

Facebook has put everyone else on notice. Your content better load fast or you’re screwed.

While I’m not overly keen on the prospect of content moving within Facebook’s walled garden, if it means existing news sites have to up their game and improve their dog-slow, bloated, marketing-led, advert-riddled mobile web experiences then we all benefit.

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Oh crap. Really sad to see @ampp3d and @UsVsTh3m close. Prob the most engaging tabloid experiments I’ve seen

“The Waterloo Bridge Handicap” (race commentary from 10m30s)

Love this clip of Leonard Rossiter ‘racing’ other commuters which was played on the screen at last night’s Belle and Sebastian gig. The race follows the same route I take when working in our London office. I also always end up pretend-racing others walking across the bridge up to the Strand. I wonder if they’re also in on it?

Superb Belle and Sebastian gig tonight. A few oldies: highlight was audience on stage to Boy With The Arab Strap:

In September 2006 I posted one of the first ever tweets about Arsenal Football Club, lamenting my team’s fondness for always trying to walk it in after watching a frustrating draw with Middlesborough at The Emirates.

Every now and again someone rediscovers it and I get a barrage of retweets and replies, some polite, others from goading fans of other teams seeing the activity and incorrectly assuming I’m talking about the current team.

So reluctantly I’ve deleted the tweet and my phone is silent once more.

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GOOD NEWS: We’re not going to be wiped out by that asteroid BAD NEWS: Story reminded of the Saddest Cartoon Ever

Ending today with “Man Don’t Give A Fuck” at superb @superfurry gig seems appropriate

#IVoted Now to settle back and wait for the #GE2015 results to trickle in.

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In August 2012, I wrote a quick script to stream front-page Hackernews stories to an IRC channel on Freenode (# #hackernews in case you're interested) so that I could quickly glance at popular stories there instead of needing to load Hackernews. Since…

I seem to have lost all my saved searches in @tweetbot and the Twitter web app. I only had a few and can recreate but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Team photo taken today in our very sunny London office


Here’s a video of the Tech Talk I presented last month to my globaldev team on the #indieweb and why I believe it’s important that you #ownyourdata Read full post…

New gadget installed today, just in time for summer #nest

Twitter adds RT-with-quote functionality via progressive enhancement: it uses a link to the original tweet.

(Well, that’s the theory. Let’s see if this actually works when syndicated to Twitter).

So I now have a new feature to add here: take tweet URLs and expand them below my own note. Even better, make this indieweb-friendly and take a summary when doing a “quote-with-repost” of someone’s indieweb post.

This week, while in Boston, I finally attended my first #indiewebcamp – two days of sharing, hacking and working on projects with some lovely, friendly people to help further the independent web.

Getting back to building stuff was so rewarding personally, especially getting feedback from web legend Tantek Çelik and others also trying to solve the same problems.

Thanks to the organisers, Ben and David, and all the other attendees who made a British part-time developer feel welcome and renewed my passion to keep coding. Until the next IWC.