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“My Little Sister Taught Me How To ‘Snapchat Like The Teens.’” Vivid reminder that teenagers are way ahead of us all

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I’m excited to read about Manton Reece’s upcoming microblog platform, especially as he seems keen to support Micropub and Webmention.

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Amazon Prime & marriage show “commitment to something lasting, rather than a series of one-off transactions” So true

“The Old Guard”:

The Old Guard recognizes there’s simply too much to do and there is no way the expertise now needed to evolve is under the roof. The problem is these new hires are a cure to a disease that the Old Guard both created and loves.

@rands on some very familiar issues facing companies that grow past ~100 people.

Suede album launch at HMV Oxford St tonight. Brett is just magnificent close up.

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A lack of common sense and HTML encoding with a online flower delivery service here :)

Love this evocative recount of the greatest league finish there will ever be: Arsenal in 1989

I only started listening to Bowie in the last few years but I realised I’d been a fan all my life regardless. Phenomenal legacy.

Time to emerge from my post-baby hibernation to watch Stewart Lee’s (almost) 4-hour stand-up marathon.

A few notes on fatherhood after my first week:

  • Even though I was warned I still took sleep for granted.
  • Changing a dirty nappy really is no big deal. But he soils them almost as quickly as I change them.
  • It’s impossible to have too many vests or baby-gros.
  • Ditto nappies and water wipes. The magic nappy bin is my friend.
  • Muslins, cloths or wipes must be within reach at all times or else.
  • For now he really does just want to feed, nap and poo all day long.
  • My wife does the feeding so I do the housework. And quite right too.
  • Leaving the house to drive to the supermarket was momentous.
  • He may have irrevocably changed our lives and we may never sleep uninterrupted again but he’s worth it.

Introducing my son, Henry Frost. I’m a very proud dad.

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The team are together at our London office today ready to learn: @timblair has a tech talk on #golang and @xiy has a workshop on #reactjs

.@theryanadams’ album covering all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is very listenable. Tempted to try her original.

iOS keyboard clicks are just as anachronistic as skeuomorphic design. It’s time for Apple to default to off. PS grumpy at passenger on train

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.@GuyKawasaki's excellent 10/20/30 rules of pitch decks should apply to all presentations in any context:

New roles: I’m looking for a Ruby dev, QA and web designer to join us at @venntrodev in Covent Garden or Windsor

Apple Watch feature need: push-to-talk between Watches, perhaps over FaceTime Audio. Basically a walkie-talkie on your wrist.

Vertical centering witchcraft. Still nostalgic for a good old…

<table height="100%"><tr><td>Vertically aligned</td></tr></table>

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What to do with 500 pairs of wellies and 2,000 unused rain ponchos left behind at Glastonbury? Send them to Calais

Tripped me up today: Heroku’s GitHub auto-deployer doesn’t (currently) include git submodules