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This week, while in Boston, I finally attended my first #indiewebcamp – two days of sharing, hacking and working on projects with some lovely, friendly people to help further the independent web.

Getting back to building stuff was so rewarding personally, especially getting feedback from web legend Tantek Çelik and others also trying to solve the same problems.

Thanks to the organisers, Ben and David, and all the other attendees who made a British part-time developer feel welcome and renewed my passion to keep coding. Until the next IWC.

Dinner with the #IndieWebCamp group in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to @tantek and Mozilla.

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#IndieWebCamp group photo at #MIT meetup

In Boston for some work and hacking stateside. It’s absolutely flipping freezing outside but so far enjoying my few days here. Already eaten my week’s worth of calories so Doing It Right.

Pretty swanky venue for a developer conference. Chandeliers and Ruby. #BathRuby

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Oh and come visit @danbartlett on our @BathRuby stand. We have old skool sweet treats - fruit salad & black jacks!
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Excited about attending my first #Ruby conference tomorrow @BathRuby

Just arrived in beautiful Bath, ready for tomorrow’s @BathRuby conference.

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Just because you *can* post screenshots of text from an article or mobile web page doesn’t mean you *should*.

@ioptics Living in America

Reaction in the Guardian to Tinder’s new Plus tier:

I probably wouldn’t pay $19.99 a month (the senior anti-discount for Tinder Plus) just for the privilege of getting take-backs on my mistaken swipes. But I’d pay extra to be an over-30 on Tinder if it meant I had an option where under-30s couldn’t interact with me.

There’s still plenty of room in the dating market beyond Tinder and free sites for those wiling to pay for a better experience on a specialised site. Choosing a site dedicated to a specific age range will filter out the “creeps” you don’t want to hear from.

(Disclaimer: day job).

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Tech talk time at @globaldev
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Finding Medium's evolution fascinating. Amazing to me that @ev continues to find white space in publishing, so many years after blogger.

Three days of walking round a city like Prague really does boost your daily step count.

(This may be the only post I ever make approaching a #workoutbrag)

A lovely animation explaining Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel Paradox which hurt my head in Discrete Maths back at university.

(via @kottke)

Lesson learned. Pulling stupid faces in holiday photos won’t stop my wife from uploading them to Facebook. #untagging

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I just want to buy a lamp

Charles Bridge, Prague, one of the foremost bridges in the bridge world

Writing tests is great, but a static type system is like a built-in test suite that catches all the ridiculous, pointless problems you waste time on every day, so that you can focus on the interesting ones.

Tom Stuart on static typing in Ruby

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Most popular word used in dating profiles in the US: another disconcerting map from @Amazing_Maps