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Introducing Webhook Mentions

Webhook Mentions is a very simple Ruby app I’ve built that sends Webmentions to any links in new/updated posts in a Jekyll-powered GitHub Pages site marked up with Microformats 2 h-entry markup.

It’s intended to wait quietly in the background and is triggered via a webhook that’s fired when you push to your GitHub Pages blog.

Full instructions and source code are on the webhook-mentions GitHub repository.

It was inspired in part by Pelle Wessman’s webpage-micropub-to-github project that acts as a Micropub gateway for your GitHub Pages blog. I wanted to provide a way for those with static blogs to use another key IndieWeb technology.

It was my first time using the incredibly easy-to-use Heroku Button which makes it simple to set up your own instance of a little app like this. Recommended.

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And here's a behind the scenes video of how GOV.UK Notify works.

Slick SMS/email/mail tool by @gdsteam, showing that UX is still important for “internal” apps.

While I’m a staunch BBC supporter/defender, I can’t see the need or fit for its new BBC+ portal-style app. Surely it only invites further criticism from commercial rivals?

As a user of an Advanced (Acorn) Risc Machines chip in my Archimedes in the 80s/90s, I’m a bit sad it’s being sold abroad

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We're looking for a Development Team Manager to run our dev team at @venntro in Windsor. DM with any questions.

I would love the option to check in via @foursquare when I use my @getmondo card. I may not have signal but Mondo knows where card is used.

Nothing much further to add to #brexit . I voted for us to stay in, but now that we’re (going to be) out, the sooner we can stabilise the economy, society and politics the better. The Thick Of It’s “omnishambles” feels more appropriate a term than ever.

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Homebrew Website Club London popup! #IndieWeb #HWC #HWC_LDN #London #nofilter

Watching The Clangers with my son. Granny Clanger gives Small Clanger a knitted scarf. But they’re each made from knitted wool so it’s basically a flesh scarf. Horrific.

I’m going to this evening’s popup Homebrew Website Club in London:

Bank holiday pub lunch

Nice pricing change(s) from @heroku: free SSL beta and dyno hour flexibility

Using Heroku for a custom domain with SSL suddenly became much more attractive (and affordable), especially for people running personal #indieweb sites.

Ballsy recruitment experiment from @stripe: inviting whole teams of 2-5 to apply to work together.

I get spam: “It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at [marketing spam co]” Not as busy as it’s been for my Report Spam shortcut fingers…

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This post advertises its Webmention endpoint with an HTTP Link header. The URL is relative, so this will also test whether your discovery code properly resolves the relative URL.

Receiving push notifications (with emoji!) even before you put your @getmondo card away is pretty cool

This is why you should only buy genuine chargers for your expensive laptop:

Sad about @IFTTT dropping @Pinboard, but requiring services to change integrations (and accept ToS) is back-to-front