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New roles: I’m looking for a Ruby dev, QA and web designer to join us at @venntrodev in Covent Garden or Windsor

Apple Watch feature need: push-to-talk between Watches, perhaps over FaceTime Audio. Basically a walkie-talkie on your wrist.

Vertical centering witchcraft. Still nostalgic for a good old…

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What to do with 500 pairs of wellies and 2,000 unused rain ponchos left behind at Glastonbury? Send them to Calais

Tripped me up today: Heroku’s GitHub auto-deployer doesn’t (currently) include git submodules

Australia may have won the test today but I saw Alastair and England lift the Urn at the Oval.

Ofcom: Smartphones are now the most important internet device in UK

The study found that a third (33 percent) of U.K. Internet users now view their smartphones as an important device for going online, compared to 30 percent who are still sticking with their laptops […] Two-thirds (66 percent) of people in the U.K. now own a smartphone, with Brits’ using their mobiles for nearly two hours per day.

Emails from salespeople chasing me for a response to their previous cold email = #reportspam

Blurring Is the Auto-Tune of UI Design, and Other Things We Thought About While Designing Wildcard 2.0”.

I love how the Wildcard team have made the effort to sweat the details to ensure their app stands out. In an increasingly competitive app marketplace this sort of focus on interaction design is vital.

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In 2004, Jeremy Corbyn backed a motion in parliament to recognise @Arsenal as "the best team in the world".
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As the football season begins, a Micawber is someone who's unfailingly optimistic, even though that optimism is totally unrealistic.

What a crazy first half hour in the cricket. Watching Stokes’ catch in real time… Wow. #ashes

Happy first wedding anniversary, Mrs @larrylou100 Frost x

Belle and Sebastian for two nights at the Royal Albert Hall in June. Read full post…

Team outing to Lord’s for T20. #venntrodev

After a week-or-two of flirting with Apple Music, @Spotify’s new Discover feature has lured me back. Love its selection for me this week.

Pushed a quick facelift live for our old globaldev team site to match the new company @venntro branding:

Charming short film of a brave actor trying “offline dating” by approaching women in London. So many knockbacks!

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Good morning from Venntro's London HQ...

Slack has introduced reactions: a method of responding to a message with emoji.

I like it. It’s a more nuanced like/favourite to allow for dislikes πŸ‘Ž, thanks πŸ‘ or inevitably πŸ’©. I can see this idea spreading to other services very quickly. I wonder how it might work in the #indieweb world?