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September 2004

pwyky: A Python Wiki

On the Subject of Design

Recommended design books

Mozilla/Firefox: Javascript Console In Sidebar

vi cheat sheet

Windows security checklist

( Unfortunatley named authors

(B3ta): “Oh to be named Gay Search. We’d spend all day looking at our drivers licence and giggling.”

Boffin hits it big with breast-enlarging ringtone


Share a mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different OSs


Web research tool in Python


Bug-tracking system

Ceefax marks 30 years of service

20m users per week…

PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code

The Doorbells of Florence Project

“Flicktion”: Flickr-powered photo + short story series

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game

Woo. Flash version of the classic text adventure.

IPython - An enhanced Interactive Python

UI Patterns and Techniques

(via Simon Willison)

What's New in Python 2.4

A Python Quick Reference to Useful Commands

from O'Reilly


Don’t vote for Bush or you’ll be hit by a hurricane…

Yoz Grahame's Cheerleader: Seven quick tips for a spam-free blog

Sending your Outlook calendar using Python

Abc... Whatever - The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address

(via Hammersley)

The Godfather horse head prop pillow

This Old Blog, Part I | Gadgetopia

Thoughts on inline weblog editing

The Daily Mail Watch

Keeping an eye on Britain’s premier xenophobic, lie filled, far right wing, hate rag

Map of Springfield

Portable Firefox (USB Drive-Friendly)

100 Photographs that Changed the World by LIFE - The Digital Journalist

Mandarin Design: CSS Opacity and Transparency

BBC NEWS | Business | iTunes under fire over UK pricing

The Problem of Procrastination

Struts best practices

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Standards Savings

Personalizing Outlook Today

CSS Colo[u]r Names

Building Communities with Software

Joel on Software’s guidelines

The Economics of XHTML

Developing Cross-Platform UNIX Applications with Mac OS X

Get to know Jython

Boxes and Arrows: The Information Architecture of Email

A critique of Gmail

Most wanted Gmail features


Load balancer, reverse proxy, SSL wrapper

What software do you always install?


The Flapper

Flapping paper aeroplane!

Standards Compliant CMS's and Blogging Tools

Discussion from Andy Budd’s blog

Tools/USB Disk Manifest

Handy essentials list

Automatically mount SMB shares on Mac OS X login

Enabling .htaccess in OS X

For when I forget

Duck Recipe


Eyetrack III

Study of eye movement on news websites

Eclipse Tutorials

PostgreSQL startup items for MacOS X

(via Simon Willison)

MySQL Gotchas

Ouch. Time to switch to PostgreSQL.

ACM's anti-MySQL list

SQLObject example

Network programming with the Twisted framework


Python application framework Markup Reference

Extremely detailed guide

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python

Making a simple web server in Python

Ten CSS tricks you may not know

Blog Software Breakdown

IronPython fade-in window

The Dangers of Redesigning a Web Application

What if the Tube ran under South London?

Upside-down map madness (via

Python 2.3 Quick Reference