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November 2004

12 sided calendar

Textile Reference

Favourite John Peel quotes

pdf 995: create PDF documents easily for free

Mediafour | XPlay

Access a Mac-formatted iPod from Windows

Round-trip CFC/XMI solution

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UML development environment

Introduction to UML

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Design Patterns for C#

XML Resume Library

How to make a todo list program with Ruby on Rails

Pocket BBC...

…for the Gameboy Advance! Mmm… Original Elite.

Web Applications are Easy

The Onion | I Must Take Issue With The Wikipedia Entry For 'Weird Al' Yankovic

The Fishbowl: The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

How to motivate your programmers

Widescreen TVs do NOT get rid of black bars totally. - AVS Forum


UK torrent site

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101 Visual Basic and C# Code Samples

C# From a Java Developer's Perspective

Microsoft Java Language Conversion Assistant 2.0

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Comparing C# to Java

Some somewhat unique C# features somewhat explained

The new tabloid ‘Times lite’ is in competition with the Mail

Commentary on the Times’s move to tabloid size

Small Values of Cool: Driving iTunes from Python on Windows

mozilla to in python

Full CSS Property Compatibility Chart

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