Barry Frost

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March 2005

Among other things, you can create colour schemes from a photo

Tartan Framework

Command-driven service framework


Implicit Invocation based framework

A miss hit

“Companies should wake up to the new economics of the internet, and think abundance, not shortage”

The Long Tail Blog

How the web provides a viable channel for niches

Douglas Crockford's Javascript World

Excellent guide that debunks myths and misconceptions about JS

SXSW 2005: How to Trick-Out Your Blog

List of innovative blogs

Dan Evans' VBA Scripts - Outlook Attachment Checker etc

Stop accidentally sending emails without attachments. Should be part of Outlook…

The Regulator

Regular Expression tester/creator

Page Hijack Exploit: 302, redirects and Google

(24)Slash7: Rails - What Goes Where


Elegant tabs using CSS/JS

Daemonite: Upgrading mySQL from 4.0 to 4.1

Unicode Chart -


Set of Javascript libraries to implement Ajax techniques and provide a WSDL interface

New fonts for screen-reading from Microsoft

When can I start using them for web design I wonder?

Blinking Hotel Madness

My eyes! The whole body text blinks! (via Malevolent Design)

Ides of March

It’s 15 March - beware!

Feed on Feeds

My own Bloglines with PHP/MySQL

How to Start a Startup | Only YOU have the power to Save Toby!

Die bunny die!

A guide to Oracle, Windows, Linux and OS X commands

Veer: Ideas: Personality

Fascinating series combining images, fonts and line-art to provide stunning themed compositions

CSS styled calendar

(Veerle’s blog)


Secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server which has been optimized for high-performance environments


Converts text from one encoding to another - useful for work with Unicode

Guardian Unlimited | Life | We are the final frontier

(via Rogue Semiotics) Fascinating views of our futures

Interview with Josh Clark | Gadgetopia

Digital Spy: Sky unveils HD set top box details

HD coming to the UK in 2006. Nice.