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July 2005

Joel on Software - Usability Testing with Morae

Flex and CFMX7 in one server

Simon Horwith’s ready-to-go zip

Why crossdomain.xml is a good thing

A simple explanation

Linux command line tips

Anil Dash: How Do We Judge Our Tools?

Guilty as charged. It’s not all about what’s under the bonnet, but it certainly helps you stand out from the crowd.

PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information » A Visit to Adobe

I for one welcome our new Adobe overlords…

Where are all the UK start-ups? (

The Adventures of ACTION ITEM!

Michael Buffington | First Rails App Shipped

Rails from a ColdFusion developer’s perspective. Pretty compelling stuff.


Tarted up forms using just Javascript/CSS

Django Reference Sheet


A Few Tips On Estimating Web Projects

The internet is shit

He/she has a point…

Sysinternals Freeware - Junction

Symlink for Windows

Kevin Hoyt: Accessing Flickr with ColdFusion

Rails and Django Compared

Shopping cart with Ajax

Good example of adding items to a cart. Also try checking out and updating amounts.

RSS/Atom Feed CFC 2.0

Roger Benningfield’s RSS/Atom parser for ColdFusion. Now supports Atom 1.0!

Using Ajax for Creating Web Applications

FeedLounge - the web-based feed reader redefined

How I block comment spam

Good tips

BlueJ - Teaching Java

Beginners’ IDE for learning Java

Working Professionally With Rails in Rails

Individuals and companies

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Jason's Date Input Calendar

Eclipse's Culture of Shipping

A Dao of Web Design: A List Apart

Joel on Software - What's all the fuss about Ruby On Rails?

OOCL Shenzhen: World's Largest Container Ship : Gizmodo

Skype Journal: Skype Toolbar for Outlook released


finishing touches: search engine optimisation - malevolent design weblog

The Long Tail: "Pre-filters" vs. "Post-filters"

A&R/publishers/editors vs recommendations/playlists/other opinion leaders

Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

Free your HTML from Javascript kludge!

uk ipod repairs

Might need these guys one day

CSS - Quirks mode and strict mode

Handy reminder of the differences

ongoing · The Hunger Barrier

Tim Bray hits the nail on the head

Freelancing Traits » Whitespace

Tips for freelancing

Be* 24 meg broadband

24Mbit broadband coming to London. Would be rather nice.