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August 2005

Faster Inserts with PostgreSQL

Static Caching with mod_rewrite

(and a cron job)

Flickr and Yahoo! IDs, redux

Josua Davis | Spark 05, Hamilton NZ

Photos and quotations from a Davis lecture

Addison Lee

London Taxis

Spanning Partners: Introducing Spanning Salesforce 2.0

Get RSS feeds from your Salesforce account

particletree · Public Speaking Jitters

Starting with CSS: revisited - The KuraFire Network

Great starting point for a stylesheet

darron schall: Setting up Eclipse for Flex

Flickr Sudoku

Using Flickr photos instead of numbers

Stopdesign | Photo Gallery Templates available

Public unaware of RSS | The Register


Sleep timer for iTunes

Movable Type - News - Announcing Movable Type 3.2

Now with unlimited blogs

How to convince a manager to use Ruby on Rails?

An Overview of Current CSS Layout Techniques

Extreme Programming vs. Interaction Design

“You definitely need a customer-designer-programmer triangle”

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications

State of Ajax: Progress, Challenges, and Implications for SOAs

Andy Budd::Blogography: iTunes Smart Playlists

Intelligent approach to organising your iTunes collection

NPR : Paul Anka Spins Pop His Way with 'Rock Swings'

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Black Hole Sun, and Wonderwall…

magpiebrain - Snagging lists - making good

Good idea: factor in snagging lists post-completion

magpiebrain - A comparison of Django with Rails

Accessible UK Train Timetables

Why Developers Leave (And What You Can Do About It)

Very very good points here

Bullet Madness ★ free bullets project at Stylegala

Widescreen Wallpaper 1680x1050

Firefox popups |

Block popup windows launched from Flash

iBook Extended Desktop

Monitor spanning for iBooks

Pentix - Tricks

Pen tricks

Collective Nouns

37signals ecommerce report


SQL Relay

Persistent database connection pooling

Visual Recipes

Recipes with step-by-step pictures

Prismix Blog: selectedItem in a list shows an icon

Change icons in Flex lists

CollyLogic: Image fades for overflow: auto


UK keyboard mapping for Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Basic AJAX Examples

File Upload with ColdFusion Flash Forms - AS Fusion

Flash/XML Gallery Roundup

Ruby and Python Compared

Setting up a Rails Development Environment on Windows

(including Eclipse)

O'Reilly Network: Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser

Introduction to Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X

BM-productions SmartClose

SmartClose is a free program that will automate the process of closing all running programs. It can also save the state of the system to a system snapshot, so all the programs that have been closed can be also easily restarted later by SmartClose.

Freelance Advice

Jewelboxing - Super Jewel Box Packaging System - CD and DVD Cases

Persona Sketching

Surfin’ Safari » Blog Archive » Multiple Backgrounds

Firefox next please?

The Man in Blue > Styling Form Widgets

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet

particletree · Successful Strategies for Commenting Code