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September 2005

Party Ben - Stuff that's neat to have

mp3 remixes

Technovia: What to do when a PC goes wrong

Very very useful guide. I had no idea about my rights until reading this.

malevole - Text Generator

A much better lorem ipsum. With added 80s theme tunecool!

Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) from WebPasties

Unobtrusive Javascript

XHTML live chat based on the XMLHttpRequest Object

wiki:dokuwiki [DokuWiki]

PHP wiki

Lussumo Vanilla - The sweetest forum on the web

Read/Write Web: Feedburner's RSS Aggregator Market Share stats

BlogLines streets ahead - unfairly?

New popular sites

Tooltips, Floating captions - DHTML, javascript - BoxOver


An automatic service to send flowers to the other half on those special occasions (and other times) on your behalf!

memcached: a distributed memory object caching system

OAR: The Guide to Film Aspect Ratios

Similar feature set to Trac, but written in Ruby (on Rails)

Habitamos - Mapa de Madrid

A for Madrid

Get to the Point! Development with Ruby and Rails

Ajaxian: Chat

Ajax web-based chat

Howto Create an RSS 2.0 Feed

Building An IM Bot - Part I

A multi-part guide to building an IM bot with ColdFusion

GoToMyVNC Homepage

Is your VNC port forwarding working outside your firewall?

XHTML Character Entity Reference

Sebastian Kanthak - FileColumn - easy handling of file uploads in Rails

Acts As Taggable Gemified!

Chicken of the VNC

Mac VNC client

UltraVNC SC (SingleClick)

A single-click VNC server installer. For all those troubleshooting nightmares…

Microsoft expresses designs on website teams | The Register

MS planning to move into Macromedia/Adobe graphics app space. Also a potential threat for server technologies like Flex.

Audioscrobbler Web Services

SQL to Select a random row from a database table


“PostgreSQL + Compatibility + Scalability”

This is Powazek

Redesigned. Breathtaking.

The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners

“Dr Wang said that in 1995 he skinned a shot convict’s body while the man’s heart was still beating”

Nerd Vittles » ISP-In-A-Box: The $500 Mac mini

Using a Mac Mini as a cheap web server

TextDrive Hosting for Life

For a one-time payment of US$399…

Information on GOSS Products

CF based CMS

Wymsey Weekend: A Guide to Mobile Cooking

How to cook eggs with mobile phones


Open Source vulnerability scanner

cityofsound: Assessing the new Guardian, with brief nod to the avant-garde (aka Grazia, Heat and The Sun)

Critique of the new G design

How to log on to Windows XP if you forget your password or your password expires

Microsoft advice

PostgreSQL SQL Syntax and Use

If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?

Another GMap app : A better postcode regexp

Regex for UK postcodes

GDSC - Postcode

Specification for UK postcodes

ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 API Reference

List of popular APIs

Easy alpha transparent pngs | clagnut/blog

(with PHP)

Using prototype.js v1.3.1

particletree · The Hows and Whys of Degradable Ajax

View Rendered Source (Firefox Extension)


Free time tracker for Macs

The World of Ricky Gervais' The Office

Interviews, photos, songs and sound clips

How to set up a personal home web server - Lifehacker

Lunacore - Beautify a Face

Anil Dash: Web Development Trends for 2006

Interview with Jason Fried of 37Signals (Reviewed at

SQL Server Express 2005, Finally Installed Silk Icons

Handy free icons


cssQuery() is a powerful cross-browser JavaScript function that enables querying of a DOM document using CSS selectors. All CSS1 and CSS2 selectors are allowed plus quite a few CSS3 selectors.

Mike Davidson -- sIFR 2.0: Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses