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November 2005

why Ruby may be the best thing for coldfusion (

AutoGK Homepage - THE tool for XviD / DivX conversion

DVD to CD / 4GB > 1.4GB > 700MB

evhead: Ten Rules for Web Startups

By Ev, starterer upper


Import album art and other useful playlisty things

PostgreSQL: What's New in 8.1

Web 2.0 Checklist

A Large Monitor Makes You More Productive (by Jeremy Zawodny)

How to Use CFUnit-Ant (CFEclipse integration)

Autorun unit tests using Ant from within Eclipse with the results in the Console

Particletree · Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layouts

Daily Mail Watch » Best Express cover ever?

They’re now out Mailing the Mail

Vyper - Vyper - The Molded Ballistic Nylon Laptop Sleeve! - Portable Laptop Bags

Sexy Powerbook laptop cases

ColdFusion Performance Tuning (pdf)

Bandon Purcell’s guide to tweaking your CF installation

IE Tab

Open a tab in Firefox that renders with IE

DaoPay Payment Systems

Micropayment solution - pay using your phone voice bill

edevil’s weblog » Javascript libraries roundup

Prototype et al


Cool start page app

ColdFusion on Wheels (announcement)

CF now has its own RoR clone. Not much here yet but good to see.

Barry Frost on SuprGlu

Damn the SuprGlu people! This was my idea goddammit!

Six Apart does their customers right - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

Inspiring stuff: 6A cocked up and then offered their customers optional choice of discounts

Andy Budd::Blogography: d.Construct 2005 Rundown

Andy’s coverage of an excellent day in Brighton

What is Web 2.0? You redefine the paradigm | The Register

A collection of less enthusiastic views on Web 2.0 » An Open Letter to Disney Store UK

Disney Store UK: was good; now poo

Accelerate your dates (RoR) | ceci n'est pas un tumblelog

Tumblelog with a design apparently inspired by my humble site. Cool. How to connect ColdFusion MX to MySQL 4.1 database

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | London calling?

Interesting idea: get a 020 7 phone number but base yourself anywhere in the world

Keith Waterhouse on weblogs? (

Good tips on writing a newspaper column; also applicable to blog writing

UnicodeChecker 1.9 (Quarter Life Crisis)

Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)

“Ask your doctor for a reason to take it”

Generate a good random password

Yahoo! Maps Web Services - Flex™ API Getting Started Guide

Guide to using YMaps with Flex

Sharing exceptions between Python and Ruby

Useful stuff - use from Ruby

Directory of unregistered word domains

Find your own or…

ColdFusion MX 7 fails to start on Linux 64-bit processor machines

“Not supported”… Pull your finger out, Macromedia!

The ColdFusion Podcast

Helms and Peters

ColdFusion podcasts

hackdiary: The BBC's programme catalogue (on Rails)

BBC to open archive using Rails-powered super DB