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December 2005

Land Registry

Find prices paid on every UK property sold, land details as well as instant current valuations (£2 a pop though)

Logitech Driving Force games

Game compatibility list for Sue’s Logitech Driving Force steering wheel/pedals

Lightbox JS: Fullsize Image Overlays

Nice image viewing effect

Gene - 'You'll Never Walk Again' -

Oh Gene, how I loved thee so. Following the demise of Olympians Online this looks like the last bastion of Gene news. Sob.


Apple - Mac OS X - iSync - Devices

Check this before buying a new phone

Venkman for Firefox 1.5 | Getahead

Pearl Crescent Page Saver

Firefox plugin to save entire browser canvas as png

Oracle vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

AJAX Activity indicators

“Animated GIFs designed to indicate your site is doing something”

Real Lessons for Rails Deployment

2lmc spool - recent entries

Collaborative blog thing. I love the way the other contributors’ comments appear beneath the poster


(translated page) Re-order Windows XP windows on the taskbar

iLounge Forums - How To Copy songs from your iPod to your hard drive

Rails Weenie - find answers to your Ruby on Rails questions

Ruby/Rails: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Real world examples of RoR time savings vs Java - Preventing browsers from caching ColdFusion pages

Internet Explorer 5 for Mac

It’s the final countdown…

Canvas Reflection Demo

Stunning examples of effects you can achieve with canvas (very new browsers only)

FACE: Faruk's Animated CSS Enhancements - KuraFire Network

An alternative to

Mayang's Free Texture Library

Working for Apples: A Windows Administrator's Guide to Serving Macs


ColdFusion implementation of JSON data format

Barçabook by Andrew Losowsky

A wonderful alternative (blog-derived) guide to Barcelona by the super talented Mr L

DB Designer 4

Open source ER model designer. Includes reverse-engineering and synchronisation features

Ari Paparo Dot Com: Getting it Right’s founder’s honest appraisal on where he went wrong in contrast to etc. I’m enjoying the irony of posting this on…

dhtmlxTree - an advanced DHTML tree component with rich JavaScript API

Drag'n'drop DHTML tree


Attractive portfolio with nice Ajaxy case study switcher

Fruitcast - Podcast advertising

AJAX Tutorial with Prototype

A nice ColdFusion-centric Prototype example

Scheduling Resources for Microsoft Outlook

How to setup a room that automatically accepts meeting invitations

Performance Tuning PostgreSQL : Django performance tips

Also relevant for pretty much all websites/apps

Squidoo : Lenses : Introduction to Web 2.0

Comprehensive guide by Joshua Porter

Any Order Columns - In search of the One True Layout

Must read stuff

Unobtrusive & Persistant Effects | Exit 404

Keep your markup clean!

Agile Partners weblog » iPhoto-like image resizing using Javascript

Bold predictions for the savvy designer, 2006 edition ~ Authentic Boredom

mooflex (webapplication)²

Well designed Ajaxy CMS/blog system (upcoming)

A cool trick with cron

System hooks that are useful for starting lighttpd instances etc.

Upload Progress Live Demo plus Movie


Browse a graphical stack of CDs, including their covers

Andy Budd::Blogography: Web Design and Development Trends for 2006

Where's ColdFusion Headed Under Adobe?

Some comforting words on Adobromedia’s intentions for ColdFusion

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

“a practical guide to web typography”

Advertising/Design Goodness: Hudson Repro

Corny print jokes based on CMYK colour values makes web apps

YAPyF - from Aaron Swartz

Pylons - Trac

YAPyF - from Ian Bicking and Ben Bangert. Not a port of RoR but inspired by it

20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration : Why You Should Consider Budgeting a Site Redesign for Firefox 1.5 Now (Yes Firefox)

Some good amunition for responding to the blinkered

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The last presses

Jeff Jarvis on his meetings with the Guardian team, of whom the editor, Alan Rusbridger, believes the newspaper’s new presses will be their last


Addictive Flash bubble-collecting game

Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype

Very useful examples, including Prototype’s Ajax features

Project Starfish

ColdFusion profiler - stores execution times, arguments and SQL statements. Report tool integrates into CF administrator.

VMware Player with your own Windows XP Professional Virtual Machine

FusionReactor - The ColdFusion Development and Support Console - CSS-Technique: Worn Type

Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger