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April 2006

Liberal thinker JK Galbraith dies

I think I quoted Galbraith in almost all of my economics essays at school and his theories of “tax and spend” shaped my ideas on politics/economics. Along with Keynes he was the economics daddy.

Pricing a Project - Blue Flavor

Great detail on pricing decisions. Must read and re-read this.

TextMate Blog » HTML Screencast (Inserting Tags)

Stunning time-saving automation features when editing HTML in TextMate

PizzaOnRails London

Pizza, Rails geeks, London. Sounds good to me

autotest -rails | Ruby on Rails for Newbies

Continuous testing for Ruby - every time you update a file the corresponding test is run

Remote Synthesis: Getting Started with Reactor

ColdFusion ORM framework

High DPI Web Sites

The problems of new displays with much higher DPIs than normal (such as those Sony Vaio beasts). Interesting stuff: I hadn’t thought of using SVG in lists/backgrounds.

all in the head — Five Most Important Considerations

Useful list of questions to ask yourself/client


IM to web/RSS system. APIs etc.

HTML Slidy

Slideshows in XHTML from W3C

Maniacal Rage. Here's how I create a...(12 April, 2006)

Quick guide to setting up a Rails app with SVN

Joyeur: Joyful JavaScript

A good write-up of some of the new and existing features in Prototype

Command-Tab » Hidden iPod Commands

Hard reset, diagnostic mode and disk mode

Uber-Uploader - A free web based file uploader that displays a progress bar

Perl/PHP progress bar widget

Photo viewer with scrolling thumbnails (@media 2005)

Lovely repeating scroller effect: even has easing to slow down

Cellar Door Software » Slickr

Flickr Windows screensaver

Chris Kent : Hills

Mac screensaver: Gently drift over rolling grassy hills

A Guide to CSS Support in Email | Articles/Tips - Campaign Monitor Blog

Includes a breakdown of what does/doesn’t work in different email clients