Barry Frost

This is Barry Frost’s personal website.

August 2006

Instant Badger: RegEx to fully validate RFC822 email addresses

Quinn - Tetris for the Mac


Play iTunes music and view iPhoto photos using an Xbox 360 connected to your network

WebORB for Ruby on Rails | Flex RPC and Flash Remoting for Ruby on Rails

Mephisto—The best blogging system ever

Using RubyOnRails

IE Tab :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

Open sites in IE in a Firefox tab


The best thing ever. SMS status thingy.

I am at work playing with Twitter

arc90 lab : tools : Link Thumbnail

Hovering thumbnails of link targets

Cornish pasties and saffron cakes from The

£24 for a box of 10. Mmm… Uses Shopify for the shop stuff


Free URL rewriter for IIS using a similar syntax to mod_rewrite

chosaq » 14 days of Ubuntu

Some useful hints and tips

Create Letterhead Templates in MS Word

PDFCreator |

Free PDF-creating printer driver

London Walks for your MP3 Player

Free podcasts of walks through London - must try this some day


Flash application tool - enables filesystem operations among other features

Sexy Flash bandwidth visualisations

Swift: a web browser for Windows

Uses WebKit as a rendering engine. A bit rough at the moment (well it is an alpha) but will be useful for testing etc.


Mutes all sounds from your browser and/or Flash movies. Windows only

AJAX Edit In Place (EIP) With Prototype

Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting a Job in Silicon Valley But Didn't Know Who to Ask

Common sense/tongue-in-cheek stuff, but useful stuff - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic animated gifs, wavs and midis

meebo me widget!

IM widget for your website


HTTP lib/server for Ruby. Ideal for RoR.

Plain English Campaign: Free guides: How to write in plain English

Flex 2/ColdFusion multiple upload form

SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

Find the alternatives for UK non-geographic numbers. Also works for 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871.

Inline Greasemonkey MP3 player

Yahoo! Developer Network - Python Developer Center

Atom/RSS2 RXML templates

For RubyOnRails

Carbonmade: Your online portfolio.

Sexy portfolios for creatives. Web 2.0-erific

Make sure machines dig your designs: XHTMLized

XHTML and CSS templates from a PSD or other mockup. Tried them and was stunned at how good the service is. Quick and slick. Recommended.