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September 2006

nodding head in agreement with Ian. It’s never about live music in pubs.

unfortunate's bookmarks tagged with "wallpaper" on

Good collection of wallpaper sites

MacTheRipper 2.6.6 - VersionTracker:

Rip DVDs and remove region encoding


DVD to MPEG4 ripper/converter

XviD QuickTime Component

Play DivX/XviD video in Quicktime | All The Simpsons you need

Every Simpsons episode ever. Linked not hosted, but not sure how long this will last…

Miffed that they’ve stopped serving roast beef and only have turkey left. It’s not Christmas FFS

AIGA - They're not fonts!

Righting a common misconception. I’ve been guilty here too.

Macworld: Mac Word: Beneath the MacBook battery bay

For installing memory in a MacBook…

Thinking Tim should be blowing out candles and not being geeky…

Wishing Tim a happy bday twitter style.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and Smartphones Automatically

Need to try this out and sync personal/work events

Twisted Melon - Fine Mac OS Software

Mira: do more things with your Mac Remote Myspace custom style remover

Greasemonkey script for removing a MySpace profile page’s style.

Side-by-side Windows and Mac OS with Parallels

Links to useful tools in the article

I am being geeky at 51:28:52N 0:36:24W

Trying not to mess up my co-ordinates this time… lat:51.4811 lng:-0.6066

Feeling smug about my five minute stroll to work. All about working local.

Ellington | The online publishing platform for newspapers.

Django-powered, from the Kansas Django Mafia. | Fresh Nintendo DS Icons

For Mario Kart

Waiting for my club sandwich to toast at Eat.

UTF-8 Sampler


Information about your CPU (Windows)

on my way to the Emirates Stadium to watch the Arsenal. Should be a debut for Gallas.

Thinking my so-called twitter friends are jealous that I follow by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

Wishing I was eating spag bol instead of sitting on a train with the general public.

Wishing Arsenal could be a bit more direct and stop trying to score the Perfect Goal.

IconBuffet | Alexandria Buzz

Attractive icon set which would work well on web2.0y websites

Testing this with my phone…

off home to have a barbeque in the last of the summer sun.

Crying about my scratched car

Back at the office… with a cold :(