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November 2006

Inquisitor 3. Spotlight for the web.

Safari Livesearch/Spotlight add-on

Just testing Ben Ward’s Twitter Widget.

LiveCycle Portal

For PDF generating/Distiller/PostScript stuff

Mark Drew: Structures vs Components: Part 2

Multiple CFC instantiation is slooow

Natalie Downe » Blog Archive » Inline image quotes


Stake Five :: Memory-sensitive Caching for CF

Won’t fill up the JVM - very handy

Great Fonts for Web 2.0

You can’t go wrong with a bit of VAG Rounded, gradients and some curved borders Rails vs Django

…and it’s a draw. I like the summary: it’s concise vs explicit

Content with Style: Fixing the Back Button and Enabling Bookmarking for AJAX Apps

It’s all about the # anchor

JSOC Framework

“a pluggable, extensible, open source client-side caching framework for Web 2.0 applications” it says here.

Brand New: Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work

Interesting blog on brand/identity changes

JavaScript, We Hardly new Ya » Yahoo! User Interface Blog

When to use “new” in Javascript. Answer: hardly ever :)

Web development - Recommended OS X tools

Yet another list, but some useful links nonetheless

David and Jonquil's World Tour

Simple time tracking software - Harvest

Worth checking out instead of Tickspot?

Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator

For all your spinny thing needs

Travelling on the interminably slow Windsor to Waterloo line. No power left on my DS. Losing will to live.

Pleased that my choice of tunes will have helped Mark gain an air of respectability on at long last

Shocked that Donna farted in her own car and then blamed it on me.

Waiting for Alex to curl her hair before heading off to Mark and Nu’s party

SWFUpload beta

Multiple file uploads using Flash


Debug Flash in Firefox. Needs Flash 9 debug plugin

Drinking lager, working and also looking forward to Gordon Ramsay shouting at stupid people. Hoping he makes someone cry tonight.

Javascript Dump

Works like

Irritated with the lack of signal in my own flat in the countryside. Never had these problems in London.

Comment is free: Charlie Brooker

Charlie’s Guardian columns. Full of bile. Nice

ColourMod - Dashboard - Developer

Useful colour picker widget. Similar to Photoshop’s

Web Design is 95% Typography (1)

All about good sized text, leading, whitespace

Webmaster Help Center - Webmaster Guidelines

Google’s guidelines for webmasters - SEO for the competent

My Whole Life in Happy Little Folders, by Jeffrey Veen

Good approach to organising feeds into realistic folders

Ruby/Rails user authentication with Microsoft Active Directory


and supports Active Directory

Optimising Page Load Time -

Tips and best practices

Hack Attack: One-click DVD rips - Lifehacker

Sphinx - Open Source SQL Full Text Search Engine

High performance full text text engine for MySQL

Not about fixed awards. We woz robbed! Next year it’ll be ours.