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December 2006

LiquidRail: ZiYa Plugin - Charting the rails...

XML/SWF based charting tool for Rails

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

“step-by-step instructions for making things you never knew you wanted”

Mike's Musings: Adding handlers to Operator

Sad that i’ll never be as cool as Tim.

Is bov.

Is full.

Thinking that Ubuntu boy should be patching his kernel rather than out in the real world…

Wondering why our Christmas party is beginning with a company-wide game of hangman.

Pand would twit but his chocolate phone keys aren’t backlit so he’s buggered.

3-2-1 Monitor!

Multi-monitor advocacy

Novemberborn: sIFR 3b1: The Mo’ Betta Beta

Font smoothing is apparently much improved. Worth checking out


Alternative to RMagic

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

Firefox extension or Microformats

WYMeditor - standards-compliant XHTML editor - Home

Forces use of stylesheet with blocks of content

Adobe Labs - JSEclipse

It seems InterAKT have been bought by Adobe

Products - HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears

Guide to headphones

Sad that I’m now sitting in the naughty room, working on a laptop, bereft of dual monitors

Creating Printable Documents with Ruby

PDF::Writer guide

A First Guide to PostScript

Includes code examples

Feeling smug that my Christmas shopping is over half done. On course for a new personal best

Watching Girls Aloud in a haunted house on ITV2. TV gold.

Contemplating recipes for my box of wholesome Abel & Cole organic fruit and veg. The apples are rubbish though.

Thinking that Tim’s Chief Geek title may have been stolen by Ian in the Blairster’s absence. Also hoping the man comes to fix my boiler tomorrow. Brrr.

James Duncan Davidson: Deploying Rails with LightTPD

Includes Capistrano instructions

Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button []

Useful reminder of whether you’ve subscribed to a feed in Google Reader. Greasemonkey script.

Dishy - a JavaScript wrapper for integration

Cerberus Continuous Integration for Rails

SVN hooks that run a Rails app’s test and informs developers of the results

Red and white cashmere Arsenal scarf

This would make a great Christmas present…

Joyent: Screenshots of the Joyent Connector

2.0 interface now live. Ooh that’s sexy

spam: the movie - malevolent design weblog

Sending video in email (to Outlook and other IE email renderers) using the dynsrc attribute

Ruby on Rails Development: Justify Your Choice of Ruby on Rails New Remote Desktop client released by Microsoft

Faster, nicer, dual screen support

Flip4Mac Drive-in

Backup DVDs to your Mac, menu and all

Hpricot, a fast and delightful HTML parser

WORLD MAP - countries of the world

Flash game/resource where you click on countries to get their names


Dynamic comments service. Just drop in a script.

Getting JRun Admin Console on Intel-based Macs

Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs