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April 2007

YouTube - thomas the tank v 50 cent

Farewell to freelancing: Final lessons learned ~ Authentic Boredom

Wakoopa blog » Blog Archive » How we got hosted, the Rails way

Wakoopa’s experiences when choosing a shared Rails host

AP Grapher - Mac OS X AirPort Stumbler and Wireless Graphing Software

Nice alternatively to MacStumbler

What happens in Quirks Mode in web browsers?

A summary of the common quirks exhibited by most browsers in quirks mode

Rails Developers I'd Recommend For Your Projects

No1 is UK based agency New Bamboo

When is it time buy a new computer?

Hackety Hack: the Coder's Starter Kit

Introduction to progamming for 13+ kids

MarcoPolo - Automatic location switching for Mac OS X

Based on surrounding evidence, MarcoPolo guesses where you are and switches your location

Radiant 0.6 - Lapidary Release

…including a rather smart way of creating a fresh CMS

Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals -

Searches 100+ travel sites to get widest selection of flights etc.

Designing Interactions

“40 influential designers who have shaped our interaction with technology”

Particletree » Bookmarking Dynamic Pages

Simple hack for nicer URLs

NB: Studio (London typographic map)

Panic - Coda - One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X

At the risk of sounding like a Panic fanboy, this looks rather impressive and damn good value.

A VC: Really Simple Stealing

Download RSS feeds, pump them into a blog engine, add adsense/linkage = profit!

Scaling Twitter » SlideShare

Some great code snippets are hidden within

Feeling smug about my homemade Tagliatelle al Ragù which is now simmering nicely. Dolmio can kiss my arse.

RedHill Consulting, Pty. Ltd. - Ruby on Rails Plugins (FK migrations)

Generates Foreign Keys when creating tables as part of migrations in Rails

Engine Yard

Rails hosting - host of Lighthouse

Piston ~ Easy Vendor Branch Management

Manage remote parts of your Subversion repository - update them periodically rather than all the time with svn:externals

HelpSpot - Help Desk Software > Help Desk Portal

concerned for the poor pizza cook that Ian has imprisoned in his oven.

Hosted Subversion -

Companies offering SVN hosting

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript

Keyboard Events and Codes

Handy testing page for key events

InVisible Blog » Back-up

…your Mac using SSH, Strongspace, rsync and Ruby

Download details: IE App Compat VHD

VirtualPC images for testing IE6/7

Bryant font family : MyFonts

Yummy font used by Moo (via Plasticbag)

Fabjectory - Mii

Make a statuette of your Mii. For the affluent! ($50/$100)

Varnish - Trac

HTTP accelerator - must find out what this does!

Annals of Transport: There and Back Again: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

Interesting account of America’s new breed of Extreme Commuters

Bokardo » The Blog is the New Resume

Adactio: Journal - Hybrid Design and the Beauty of Standards

Resources for developers crossing over into tyopgraphy, grids and layout design

A Guide to CSS Support in Email: 2007 Edition - Campaign Monitor Blog

Including Outlook 2007 advice

A CSS Sticky Footer

Simple and useful for future reference

Mike Davidson: Pagination and Page-View Juicing are Evil

Just say no

Garlik – PowerfulStuff – protect your online security, keep track of your online data

Tracks your personal information online


London agency who get it right


BS’s dev team blog. I like the labs subdomain trend

Welcome to Zopa (UK) - The first lending and borrowing exchange

Fascinating social lending/borrowing marketplace concept. Nice design too


Skatey clothes site with character

Ryan Singer is Jesus isn’t he?

Microsoft hate developers. We break designers’ eggs apparently.

I can’t see because Sideshow Bob is in the way.

irritated with myself for having a headache that caused me to miss going for a lovely curry with the chaps.

SSHKeychain - About

SSH key management for Macs - Low Pro: Unobtrusive Scripting For Prototype

Useful extensions to Prototype, especially design for unobtrusiveness

Crazy Egg – visualize your visitors

Heat maps, overlays and more

Veerle's blog | Creativity in the workplace

Inspiring offices/studios

Merb Docs - File: README

(Mongrel + Erb)

Camping, a Microframework


Magic Multi-Connections

Connect to >1 database in your Rails app

Who is Mark Ronson?

macfuse - Google Code

A FUSE-compliant filesystem implementation for Mac OS X, including support for NTFS (r/w)

Grinding Rails » Rails Guide

Everything from dev setup, Capistrano and hosting on TextDrive

Rails and Scaling with Multiple Databases

in PostgreSQL

Dealing with timezones in Rails

Goplan - Online project management and collaboration tool

Interesting Basecamp-y project managment tool

Kinkless | Simple tools.

GTD scripts for OmniOutliner Pro

RailRoad diagrams generator

Collection: Design Patterns

Nice group of Flickr sets with interface design patterns

O'Reilly Radar > PHP Becoming Mainstream

Yep. PHP (is) for dummies :p

Veerle's blog | The new Duoh! logo identity

How Veerle’s company evolved their new logo and brand

Digital Web Magazine - HTML5, XHTML2, and the Future of the Web

Useful summary of the confusing new competing HTML projects

New Rails feature: simply_helpful : Scott's Place

A Rails plugin to simplify some common view tasks for which many have previously used helper functions

Omnicypher - Michael Imhoff: CFMX Setup on Vista

Using IIS

Twittering from my Wii!

iBank - IGG Software, LLC

Personal finance manager for Mac

Build a Wiki System with Rails

Softies on Rails: The Absolute Moron's Guide to Capistrano

Nokia - iSync - Software - Get support and software

iSync plugins for most of Nokia’s range

feeling very smug with myself because I have a Wii and it is the best thing ever.

ActiveForm - a form generator dsl

Mister Retro - Machine Wash Image Filters

Lovely filters to give designs a worn/trashed/sandblasted etc look

Concerned that my brain is 35 years old according to Dr Kawashima.

Asterisk at Home or Asterisk at Work in 30 MINUTES :: AsteriskNOW |

Open source IP PBX (VOIP) GUI and Linux distro built on Asterisk

Internet Access CAPTCHAs

Exclude the illiterate.

Subtraction: Layers Cake

Grid-based layout design in Photoshop

Upload files using flash and javascript - SWFUpload

Mass Video Conversion Using AWS

(and Python and ffmpeg)

Using HTTP Status Codes

Useful guide to error/status codes and handling them

Stikkit: Magic words, functional emails, and a handy cheat sheet | 43 Folders

Interesting GTD tips using Stikkit

Dean Edwards: Yet Another JavaScript Library Without Documentation

base2.DOM: includes useful Javascript stuff without the heavy cruft of other libraries. I’m not sure I’d give up Prototype though.

Textile Editor Helper

Textile toolbar that can be added to Rails apps

Ruby Cheatsheet v.1

caboose Caboose Sample rails application

Useful sample Rails app including user model, RESTful authenticaiton, timezones, exception notification and behavioural testing with RSpec

clonesumating - Google Code

Open sourced codebase of

Coding Horror: Software Projects as Rock Climbing

caboose Ajax File Upload (Rails)

It’s actually via an iFrame, but still useful nonetheless

Use Mac minis as cheap high-density web servers

Managing Rails Plugins with Piston

Better than svn:externals because an svn update doesn’t need to look at external repositories