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May 2007

HTML/CSS to PDF using Ruby on Rails

Developer's Guide/Javascript API - FCKeditor Wiki

MacFusion | The GUI for MacFUSE

A handy interface for MacFUSE. Create favourites that mount SSH/FTP volumes. Sparkle, Growl, SSHKeyChain integration

Digital Web Magazine - Creative Use of PNG Transparency in Web Design

Great write-up by Jeff Croft of how to use PNGs, including IE6 hack

CSS The Star Matrix Pre-loaded

Handle rollover star clicky rating things

Using the Java StringBuffer class in ColdFusion

Strings are immutable so always use a StringBuffer!

Your first few days on RubyCocoa

No, Dave, it’s just you » Blog Archive » How good is your color?

Test graphics to determine quality of your colour range

Accessible expanding and collapsing menu | 456 Berea Street

RFacebook (formerly RBook): a Ruby Client for Facebook API 1.0

Yahoo! UI Library: Reset CSS

Homage to crap food from Guardian Unlimited: Word of Mouth

Inspiring list of hangover food

Stunt Software - On The Job

Time tracking plus invoicing in one neat Mac app

Bytemark Hosting

Affordable UK Linux hosting - VM from £15pm

Basecamp API wrapper for Ruby

Useful Shell Shortcuts | Ruby on Rails for Newbies

Apache Derby

Small Java DBMS with embedded JDBC driver. Will be distributed as part of CF8

It's = it is

W3Counter - Global Web Stats

The Secret to Memcached

Particletree » Subdomains Development = Sucks

Good reasons to avoid subdomains - pricipally wildard SSL certs are expensive and testing is harder

Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates | Smashing Magazine

Campaign Monitor API - Gem RDoc Documentation

Hacker Safe: PCI compliancy, vulnerability scans, etc

PARALLEL || Eye to Eye

Pretty repeating square background thing | Welcome

Nice use of the MooTools Kwick effect

Thinking that my beard would certainly be the manliest

Painfully Obvious » Blog Archive » Packing Prototype

Advice on minimising Prototype: 71K - 31K. Or wait for Rails to do it for you

The Art of Adam Betts » Photoshop Style Set: Mac OS X Drop Shadow

Photoshop style palette set for Mac drop shadows

Scribd - Put your docs online

Free document sharer. No signup necessary - multi-file upload on homepage

DOCTYPEs and their Respective Layout Modes - The Web Standards Project

Free Vectors by Vecteezy!

How to make sexy buttons with CSS

Even sexier buttons

Particletree » Rediscovering the Button Element

Tidy method of consistent buttons - as used in Wufoo


Event-based server supporting HTTP load balancing and/or web serving

Plaid-Striped HTML Tables

Useful candy striping effect for tables

Backing up is hard to do

Some good tips, including encrypting your disk images

Show Numbers as Numerals When Writing for Online Readers (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

I suppose Jakob’s right, but I’m not sure I’d ever feel comfofrtable beginning a sentence with a numeral.


Accessible E-commerce shopping cart software, CMS, XHTML, CSS, WCAG AAA


Wow. Comprehensive and compulsive as Frank suggests. (via nickdunn). » Guardian Unlimited’s new look: Some background on templating

Technical background to the new homepage

Thinking that Dom doesn’t appreciate inane banter enough to tweet.

Particletree » The Underbelly of a Web App

Lessons from Wufoo: “Yes, almost 85% of our code has been rewritten since launch, and the other 15% will follow shortly.” Woah.

err.the_blog.find_by_title('Ya Talkin' Gibberish')

Localisation support for Rails

Sproutit: Mailroom

Customer support email manager

Microformats Wiki


Great idea if you live in London. If I ever move back I’ll sell my car and use these chaps

Thinking about getting a new motor. My poor Polo just doesn’t cut it any more. I need a car with toys I think.

Web-Based Time Management for Geeks -

Interesting automatic time logging based on the apps/sites you use and how you categorise them. Requires an installed “doohickey”. It’s not a replacement for something like Tickspot - you can’t say you were working on project X for example. Forget-Me-Not

Keep your windows in the same position when plugging/unplugging monitors


Mac video/audio encoder - DVD, SVCD, VCD, CVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, H.264, PSP, iPod, MP4, MOV

Joe Davison » Blog Archive » A Hard Lesson About Planning For Scale

Establish a strong relationship with your merchant company and properly estimate growth. Also an interesting comment about the successful switch from paid to free (with ads)

Brandalism Blog: WYSIWYG editing for Radiant

Plugin using TinyMCE


Notes on usnig MacFusion, MacFUSE and SSH for effortless remote working

Breadcrumb Navigation Increasingly Useful (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Just do it

Wondering if there are any major UK media companies left for Ian to get angry about.

Had text from my dad - afer seeing my Wii and playing Wii Sports, my parents bought themselves one yesterday. Their first ever console!

Well done for finishing your exams Debbie! Don’t forget to create your Wii for Sunday :)

Er, I mean Mii of course.