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August 2007

Rake Task for MySQL Backup to Amazon S3

BouncyCastle openPGP and ColdFusion

A guide to setting up PGP with CF using Bouncy Castle. Pure Java - doesn’t need Windows

Strong encryption in ColdFusion MX 7

Including setting up support for BouncyCastle OpenPGP

Diana + Madeleine =

“‘Finally!’ they cry, ‘a way to save column inches’.”


Arsenal are attempting to trademark the word “gooner”.

Wake up, @timblair

Intranet Needs and Wants Survey

What staff really want from their intranet

The London Evening Standard Headline Generator

Generating ZIP file archives via Ruby on Rails

Itching to go on holiday right now.

Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials - PSDTuts

Particularly focused around plastic/glass text effects

Air New Zealand - How far can I go?

Great example of a RIA slidey customer sales tool thing

acts_as_ferret - Ferret based full text search for any ActiveRecord model

scRUBYt! » Scrapin’ Google

Covers filling a textfield, extracting href attribute and crawling to the next page.

Barry is craving a mojito. - Web Technology Profiler

Find out what a site is built with

A taxonomy of Rails plugins

Different patterns and approaches to writing a plugin

Hello Facebook in Rails

Ruby and memcached in 5 minutes...

The Harvest Difference

Nice fade in/out feature list swapper

Prototype 1.6.0 release candidate

Then again, Prototype 1.6 looks rather fab too

jQuery for JavaScript programmers

This makes lots of sense. Even though I’m tied to Prototype through Rails and existing projects, jQuery looks fab

Extate: property search engine

Ajax, GMap, search text

FeedBurner - Feed 101

For when I get asked what RSS is

Charlie Brooker: Nightclubs are hell

Oh God yes. “It’s not enough to pretend you’re having fun in the club any more - you’ve got to pretend you’re having fun in your Flickr gallery, and your friends’ Flickr galleries”

Particletree » The Endowment Effect

Another great Particletree essay. “Your friends might think you’re a genius, and tech insiders may give you rave reviews, but you’ll end up in the deadpool if your product doesn’t provide customers with much more value than their current software”

Rail Spikes: Slider.js - a javascript slider component

A Panic-style sliding pane thingy using Prototype

New elements in HTML 5

Nice walkthrough comparing the HTML 4 approach with that of 5.

Using Rails, tinyMCE and Ajax

flash enhancements - malevolent design weblog

Collection of how Flash can work well to improve the browser experience, not just via gratuitous bling

Image Effects for ColdFusion 8's CFIMAGE Tag

Counting Words in an entry

Uses Java’s String split method

A Comprehensive Look at the New Microsoft (Vista) Fonts

  • also supplied with Office 2007


Reasonably priced icon collections


Hard disk space tool for Windows showing usage in a… tree

Found out my neighbours’ children are called Isobel and Sebastian. Sadly, she’s Izzy, thus wasting the opportunity to be an indie band.

Git - SVN Crash Course

Too hot.

YouTube - Family Guy - Stewie/Mrs Pennyapple and Brian

Tears of laughter. “Brendan, Ryan, Mitchell?” I love the way Stewie’s eyes change between Mrs Pennyapple and his normal voice.

Parking tickets - get off free!

“If you ever get a parking ticket on a single or double yellow line check that they have bars at the end. If not they are invalid”

TidBITS: Stewing Over Safe Sleep

Change Mac sleep habits - hibernate or straight to sleep

Protx VSP Direct ActiveMerchant module

Pingdom Web site monitoring for 100% uptime. Measure your downtime.

Server monitoring service

Microformats Bookmarklet

XRAY :: for web developers

Looked at this again and realised it works on Safari. Woo