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September 2007

HTTP Basic Authentication using restful_authentication with Rails 1.2

Grid Layout

Overlay activated by ctrl-shift-g to help you stick to a grid layout

Determining Offsets with Scrolling Overflow -

Calculating where something should be dropped in a div with overflow:scroll


Microformats transformer - takes hCalendar, hCard et al and spits out XML, JSON or JSON-P

rest/urls - Microformats

RESTful URLs - conventions and best practice. Follows Rails, although favours slashes instead of semi-colons for the actions

ColdFusion 8/Exchange example

How easy is that?

Joyeur: Quick wins with MySQL

WebRunner - MozillaWiki

Create Site Specific Browsers - isolated from the browser and without the usual chrome. Good idea for security too - separate cookies

CFThread Questions

Best practice for using threads in ColdFusion

On using Subversion for web projects « Athletics

Useful advocacy and Mac specific app advice

Tory atlas of the world

From on old Spitting Image annual

Email notices and email footers | OUT-LAW.COM

UK Limited company email footers need the registered address and number

Compatibility testing for web sites and email newsletters - Litmus

Materialized Views (MV) with MySQL


Task/Bug Tracker that integrates with Basecamp - in private beta currently

Rails 1.2.3 API with Ajax search

QuarkRuby: Ruby on Rails Security Guide

iTunes streaming to your iPhone

Via your Mac’s web server


HTTP/HTTPS/SSL Monitor/Proxy/Reverse Proxy

HTML Entity Character Lookup › Left Logic

With Dashboard widget to lookup entities

Fixing the Facebook Problem, and why one ColdFusion feature needs to die...

How an anochronistic ColdFusion features balls up Facebook apps on CF

MailChimp Inbox Inspector

Check your HTML email campaign in multiple email clients

The Best microformats Resources for Web 2.0 Developers Macs Really Do Run Windows Better

No cruft and paid install stuff with Bootcamp/Parallels etc.

Coding Horror: You're Probably Storing Passwords Incorrectly

Encrypt your passwords or you’re a wally

Accordion v2.0 Demo

Uses Prototype

Introducing KitMate: TextMate + WebKit

WebKit inspector from within TextMAte

MySQL Toolkit

Debugging and analysis tools

SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound for the Web

via a hidden SWF. Works well

When innerHTML isn’t Fast Enough

This replacement method is much faster when many elements are being removed in one go

Vitamin Features » How to price your web application

Fewer is better, but add value between jumps

Rail Spikes: (One reason why) MySQL sucks

Remember not to use :text for selectable columns in migrations in MySQL < 5.0.3

Rail Spikes: Remote MySQL GUI with SSH

A reminder on setting up SSH tunnels

Rails performance tip - using YSlow

Recommendations on how to tune Rails sites based on the Yahoo guidelines

Been lightboxed lately? - (37signals)

Usage of lightboxes certainly polarises opinion. It’s fast becoming the Marmite of web 2.0 ™©®

Coding Horror: Choosing Dual or Quad Core

Bottom line: unless you’re doing heavy maths stick with a dual core

Bamboo Blog - jQuery, an Introduction

With some useful Rails relevant links

Webistrano - Capistrano deployment the easy way

Manage Rails deployments to dofiferent environments using Capistrano

Rails Development Performance Tip - dev_mode_performance_fixes

Watches files for changes rather than reload everything each time

WCAG Cheatsheet

Checklist for compliance with each of the three priorities

Sending SMS messages from your Rails application — Luke Redpath

Using Clickatell, a UK friendly SMS gateway

Wondering who Lavell is

Thinking that Plambo will be quarantined in the Great Park tomorrow and won’t be able to get to work.

A bit sunburnt, but nicely relaxed after a lovely holiday in Madeira.

Why am I always waiting for a delayed Slough to Windsor train. It’s only got two stops!