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March 2008

People you may know

Recommended friends/contacts in social network apps

How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips)

Open Source Food

Pretty recipe and cooking site. Liking the grids

Deploying Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

Has some Leopard Server specific stuff, but may be useful nonetheless

CSS Properties Index

HTML Elements Index

(including HTML5)

How to Localise ActiveRecord Errors in Rails

BBC - Radio Labs - Still Playing in the Cloud

DAB text updates over XMPP. Demonstrates XMPP/Javascript library


Jabber/XMPP client library written in JavaScript. Can use BOSH or polling

Relieved that I could leave the office on time with everything working well. Touching wood.

convinced that database servers hate him. Big upgrade tomorrow morning!

spilling water everywhere

Staff Photos

As Jon says, natural, warm photos work best

Asaph Microblog

Crazily simple tumblelog system that makes it trivial to post quotations and images in an attractive grid-based layout. PHP and MySQL.

remembering that argumentscollection != argumentcollection

Archie In… A Different Class!

Archie comic text panels rewritten with Pulp lyrics

Share Icon Project

“An icon to represent ‘sharing’: posting to social sites, sending by e-mail, etc.”

Focusing on the Champions League. The Premier League is for chumps.

Lovd By Less -- Opensource Social

Git Textmate bundle

Compound Microformats

Yahoo!'s Latest Performance Breakthroughs

More recommendations over and above YSlow

For attaching files, use Paperclip

A better way of uploading files in a Rails app


Targetting different devices

JavaScript Based Code Prettification

With jQuery to unobtrusively markup code blocks


Another fast, lightweight web server for Ruby

Big Name Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Thin - yet another web server

Minimal web server that glues Mongrel and Rack

@having a nice cup of tea

TheSchwartz - reliable job queue

Asynchronous job queue system, as used by 6Apart

Video Conversion in Ruby on Rails

FoodFeed - What are you eating?

Another app built on Twitter. Pretty damn sexy too

Waiting for my dinner

iPeng - the iPhone Skin for SqueezeCenter

Native looking skin to help control SqueezeCenter (v7) from your iPhone/iPod Touch

Git SVN Workflow

Tips for SVN users

Master/Slave Databases with Ruby on Rails

Masochism: split reads and writes to two different databases

rest-client, fetch RESTful resources effortlessly

Down for everyone or just me?

Find out if a site is reachable from an external network

Looking forward to a lovely pint after work

Beers are on @lilja after her Gold Cup win


Different from authentication - it provides granular access and is designed to work with other authentication systems


Lifestream site that aggregates you and your friends’ links, Twitter feed, etc. links. Facebook app too

Control.Modal : Lightboxes, Modal Windows and Tooltips for Prototype

Perfect. Exactly what I need for a project at work

laughing at Tottenham. Never mind Tiny Totts!

Where Did It All Go Right? Andrew Collins

MP references Shed Seven multiple times in Commons speech and yet denies it. Boo him.

Social Graph API Demo - Site Connectivity (

Shows all my connections


Ruby library for Jabber/XMPP

RubyWorks Production Stack

RubyWorks production stack is a collection of open-source software required to host a RubyOnRails application on Linux servers.

feeling dirty from researching PHP5 frameworks

hCardMapper - How to use hCards to fill in forms

Example of filling out a form by importing your hCard from a URL

Justin Kropp

Lovely fluid design with page border - I sense a new trend there after Jon Hicks’ new design

amazed that my little iPod touch can stream h.264 video from the BBC iplayer.

HyperDB « WordPress Codex

PHP multi-database library: partitioning, replication and failover

The Spread Toolkit

Messaging system, as used by

Wackamole: use your resources

Manage multiple VIPs and balance across them

MySQL Workbench

Agile Ajax: Using ActiveRecord to Migrate Legacy Data


UK-based social review site, by Blue Flavor

Upgrading from MySQL 4.1 to 5.0

Epeus' epigone: URLs are people too

Rather than use email addresses for signup, allow for OpenID/rel=“me” powered sites for authenticity

Secure Git hosting and collaborative development — GitHub

Hosting for a Git project

How to Avoid Hanging Yourself with Rails

Useful tips on avoiding ActiveRecord magic creating inefficient queries

substruct - Google Code

Rails CMS

Pownce API

Includes bang up-to-date stuff like oAuth

Developing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

Apple’s new guide with tips on using XCode

Lying on South Beach, Miami. Lovely.