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May 2008

The Twat-O-Tron

Similar to Chris Applegate’s Daily Mail-o-matic, generate your own Middle Englander, right-wing, bigoted, small-minded, illiterate comments.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF): FAQ/Common mistakes

Google Chart API for PHP

LastGraph: barryf

My music profile and timeline Tumblr Weekly Top Artists

Google Charts How To (24ways)

Using Memcache with Google App Engine


Rails issue tracking and repository browser

Dedworth, the Eagle will be landing tomorrow night.

Bumblebee Blimp on Vimeo

My first play with iMovie using footage from an airship over Internet World last month. Turn up the sound! Very cheesy.

Ten typographic mistakes everyone makes

Very pleased with my homemade vinaigrette.

Port Map and TCMPortMapper

Free app from the Coding Monkeys

The future of PHP


No frills, one-file, MVC framework for PHP5

PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter

It does and it doesn’t. Ugh.


Scans ColdFusion CFCs to make sure all local variables are var scoped

Community Engine

Social Networking Plugin for Rails

28 mod_rails / Passenger Resources To Help You Deploy Rails Applications Faster

Accidentally pub crawling around South West London.

thinking that it’s a choice between a kick in the nuts or a punch on the nose. United, just…


Including how to make your backup Mac bootable. A complete swappable hard disc

Ask Your Doctor About mod_rails

More Passenger advocacy

Using Passenger on OSX for Rails development

AKA mod_rails

McAfee 'Hacker Safe' cert sheds more cred

Demotes XSS vulnerabilities

Facebook Chat

A write up of how FB’s chat works. Meaty server and programming requirements

Strategy: Break Up the Memcache Dog Pile

How to refresh stale data without killing your database


Instant domain searching via Ajax

Microformats vector logo

hCard to vCard generator/translator

University Talent (West Focus)

Student and graduate recruitment service, for SW London

Session variables without cookies

Clever. Uses so won’t work if you open a new window/tab and is vulnerable to XSS. Useful trick nonetheless.

Google App Engine tips and tricks

Enjoying a medicinal G&T

svn switch –relocate is a wonderful thing

Amazon EC2 image of BlueDragon/CentOS5/Jetty

Free way of hosting a ColdFusion application using the newly open sourced BlueDragon engine

Master of the oven on last week; master of the garden today. Bit sunburnt though.


Overlay grid guides in Firefox

Shacked up with a flamin’ (soon-to-be) soap-dodging, Levellers-listening, jobless student. Well done @lilja !

New Relic

Stats and metrics for Rails apps (private beta)

iPhone Omnigraffle Stencil

Enjoying the last of the sunshine on the Corner Bar terrace.

store_location with subdomains


Another PHP opcode cacher

APC (Alternative Page Cache)

Caches PHP opcode into memory to stop the need for compilation on each request


Open source Rails social networking platform

Hivelogic - Regarding Backups

Backup strategies and options for Macs

The Missing iPhone Ringtone

From the TV ads


Enter a date using natural language


Rating stars for Prototype

Master of the oven


Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection

Getting Started with Amazon EC2