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June 2008


Visualise a JSON structure in nested HTML

Played Rock Band after work. Drums. All other multiplayer games are now pointless.

Love Film Productions

Used Deane and co for work testimonials/recruitment videos

Unicode Data with PHP 5 and MySQL

Don’t forget to SET NAMES ‘utf8’ before you write

15 Questions to Ask During a Ruby Interview

Well done @flatpackedworld! Did the parachute open or did you luckily land on your head? Arf.

assert(♥) - New light

How to use Helvetica (Neue) Light successfully on Safari, FF2/Mac and FF3/Mac


PHP debugger for Mac. Requires PHP with Xdebug though

Basecamp: Submit a support request

Helpful support request form example

How to build a PHP5 web app in a day

Could be a handy course for work to get us up to speed

Flickr Code

Good example of the developer side of a non-geek service

Have caught the lurgi from mouth-breathing, best-of-buying Radiohead ‘fans’. Poorly.

Software as a Service Rails Kit

Offers rebilling payments. Limited selection of gateways though.

MOO Business Cards

Offers print runs of as little as 50 cards with each personalisable. Coming soon.

JW FLV Media Player

Can play any Flash video format - including h264

Social networks are growing in niches

The examples in the article look very weak, but the basic idea seems a winner

Watching the cricket. Sun’s out. Second pint. Radiohead tonight. Life is good.

Getting burnt eating cocktail sausages.


Slick database diagrammer for Mac. Will also generate DDL and other database functions

Preload images referenced in a stylesheet

Uses Prototype to pull out all CSS images and preload them

International Address Fields in Web Forms


Connects iLife apps (iTunes/iPhoto) to PS3


PHPUnit Pocket Guide

This Ain’t No Disco

Inspiring offices and workplaces

Thinking Vespas are quite cool. Might be joining @lilja in the scooter gang.

@timblair are you on slicehost now?

Ocean Waves for Mac OS X

Generates simulated sound of ocean waves

CFML Advisory Committee

ColdFusion now has an advisory board of six containing just two Adobe employees

Free Fonts Of The Month: Anivers, Gentium, Fresco

Lovely free fonts

ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers

Almost there. Brackets will always be “(” and “)”.

How To Make An IP-To-Country Tool With PHP and MySQL


Bind key combinations to a MacBook Air/Pro’s multitouch trackpad

Activa Live Chat

Similar to Liveperson, but with a non-install front-end and a slick Flex interface

I can only sit back and respect the relentless efficiency and unfailing consistency of the German machine.

S3Hub: S3 Client for Mac OS X

The Perfect 3 Column Liquid Layout

No CSS hacks. SEO friendly. iPhone compatible.


Scalable cloud computing hosting from Rackspace

The MacBook Airs are in transit. ETA today.

King of DIY. New shower head and pole thing installed with minimum of fuss.

Sunshine, Total football, a stunning new iPhone and a surprise barbeque for dinner. I’m a happy chap this evening.


Ruby library intended for Twitter that caches results from an API for 10 minutes and copes if the API is unavailable. Will use Memcache if available.

Designing for the Social Web: the Book - Bokardo

The PHP Benchmark

Advice and best practices for PHP operations, such as looping over a hash

Web designers should do their own HTML/CSS

I totally agree. Now, where are these mythical creatures hiding?

Yahoo! Address Book API

Same idea as Google contacts API: means you don’t require a user’s username/password to find their contacts

Google Contacts Data API

Get user’s Gmail contacts without requiring username/password

Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Omnigraffle, Vision, PNG, SVG templates for wireframing

Engine Yard VMware images

For local testing in a simulated EY environment