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July 2008

joshua's blog: beyond rest

Better than polling and neater than XMPP: call a service’s API specifying a callback URL on your system… PIMP (PIMP Is Mostly Push)

one small REST call for man, one giant API for mankind

The entirety of Ning is built on their API, not just a small subset of their data methods. The standard Ning website is just another user of the API

SitePen Blog » Transport

Cross-domain data transfer with and the Dojo framework

vCard for Developers

How to construct and serve a vCard

Silverback — guerrilla usability testing

£25 usability app for Macs by Clearleft. Uses iSight and exports to Quicktime

is crossing fingers that the order for his work iPhone has gone through today before some blighter snaps up the last one

iCal, Google Calendar, BusySync and MobileMe

All sounds rather messy to me. I’m not sure if push is worth all the faff

How to Detect the Social Sites Your Visitors Use

Finds out which sites you visit based on browser history

Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

Examines link colours to see if you’ve visited certain male or female dominated sites

Stoooopid .... why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks

Attention spans waning, distractions increasing, kids interested only in gossip. We’re doomed! Doomed!

Drizzle, Clouds, "What If?"

A new project to create a slimmed down MySQL targeted at web apps - UTF8, InnoDB and no stored procedures or other guff

Perl on App Engine?

Perl possibly to be supported as GAE language. This is sure to kick off speculation about adding Ruby and PHP.

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

Using a Custom Class To Create JSON in PHP

WP Super Cache

Possibly the best WP cache out there

Fonts available for @font-face embedding

(whereby the author has licensed their use)

Will Mainstream Users Ever Learn About The Browser's Address Bar?

Many users don’t enter domains, they search for them. Nor do they distinguish between paid ads and organic listings

BBC - Radio Labs - Some iCal views into /programme data

iCals for BBC programmes

Using A Quick & Easy SQLite Database

Example uses PHP and PDO to connect to SQLite


Make IE behave correctly, including CSS selectors


Firebug plugin for debugging PHP in Firefox

The Sandbox

Barebones, minimal WordPress theme


jQuery table plugin - sorting, column-resizing etc. Can build table using Ajax and JSON


Capistrano-like deployment tool. Uses Python

jQuery Sparklines

Feeling about 100 years old at Death Cab gig. How come kids like them? Go and watch McFly.

Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion

A much neater way of installing/upgrading WP that I hadn’t considered: svn up/switch

Handwritten Typographers

Handwriting examples from great modern typographers

Genevieve Gauckler

Beautiful illustrations, art and design

KLIM / Retail / National Samples

Klim National - gorgeous font

“Gorilla” Usability Testing

Review of Clearleft’s usability tool for Mac, Silverback

Two hours down the M4 to Bath. Find out meeting is cancelled. Two hours back to the office. Wasted morning.

@having Greek and now cocoa before bed

Finally got my iPod touch 2.0’d. Downloading oodles of apps that I’ll never actually use

PHP frameworks, Part 1: Getting started with three popular frameworks


Display PDFs within Mac Firefox, just like Safari

Advanced GTD with Remember The Milk

Remote scripting with javascript

Ajax won’t let you request from a remote server; script src= isn’t locked down so you can simply dynamically add scripts periodically. Useful for heartbeats and monitoring

Prototype cheatsheet


Reevo’s development team blog and open source project home

HTML5 WebSocket Liberates Comet From Hacks

TCP sockets now included in HTML5 specification


Dashboard widget that optimises PNGs through pngcrush and optipng

camen design

Some enjoyable, spiky writing. Design is impressive for its full use of HTML5

Queue everything and delight everyone

Update user’s view first, queue updates for their friends and then later still update public lists

Web Form Design Patterns: Sign-Up Forms

Enjoying watching my annual tennis match. Can the Swiss chap come from behind?

Preparing myself for Iron Maiden at Twickenham tonight. Not quite sure my quiet indie music sensibilities are going to cope…

Shocked to have Samuel Taylor Coleridge quoted at me in song at Iron Maiden gig. I’ve now seen everything.

This is Spinal Tap.

@timblair and so it begins!

No breakfast so it’ll have to be a footlong.

Portable Social Networks, The Building Blocks Of A Social Web

Good summary of many of the social buzzwords flying around


oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites