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September 2008

Look out for Barry… coming soon!

⌘C ⌘V Character

Killer idea. Click on a symbol to get the character or HTML entity copied to your clipboard ready for pasting.

Obtaining the Master Replication Information on MySQL 5

now owns all six series of Curb Your Enthusiasm. That’s a lot of squirming and cringing.

The 7 Stages of Scaling Web Apps

Eek. We’re at stage four. Are there really three more to go?

is sadly home alone but happily enjoying a stiff G&T watching Father Ted

41st Parameter

Internet Fraud Management, Detection and Prevention. Alternative to iovation?

is wishing he’d gone home at 4pm. Stupid servers.


Intermediate between publishers and subscribers. Claims to support HTTP callbacks to remove need for polling. Supports multiple formats/protocols: XMPP, REST, etc.

There’s too many mutha huckas huckin’ with my shi’

JQuery Cycle Plugin

Cycle through images using several different effects

Hivelogic - The Laptop Bag

Recommendations on small laptop bags

Django cheat sheet

(updated for 1.0)

Go to Hell-vetica

The Apple and Adobe versions of Helvetica Neue Light are completely different


Band websites with plenty of stats and geeky web stuff. From the guy behind Oddpost

Flexigrid for jQuery

Resizable/sortable grid component for jQuery

Summer’s officially over. Turned my heating on. Chilly.

Yeah Arsenal are killing the England team aren’t they? Well done Theo!

@flatpackedworld I got 21,000 seconds to go innit

Preparing to dance with the devil tomorrow

Flickr API Responses as Feeds

Subscribe to API results as RSS

Running Django on Google App Engine

(currently supports 0.96)

DatePicker - jQuery plugin

Ultimate iPhone Stencil - Graffletopia

It was only a matter of time after the PSD ones… here’s an OmniGraffle stencil for iPhone wireframing


Parallax effects with jQuery and some simple markup

eHarmony #1 Trusted Relationship Site - Move Beyond "Traditional" Online Dating

Now in the UK…

Chrome vs. Safari

Google Chrome doesn’t render text-shadow or drop shadows correctly. Yet.

FancyZoom Meet Prototype

The Appley zoom lightbox effect

Facebook Selling Virtual Gifts at $30-40 Million/Year Rate

Amazing what people will pay for a few pixels. Works out at around 3c per user per month

Things to say during sex

Google's undocumented favicon to png convertor

Supply a domain and the convertor returns a png from the site’s ico

tap tap tap

Sexy iPhone apps and a beautiful website. Uses @font-face on webkit

33 free HTML email templates

Tested to work in all the major clients, split into left/right sidebar and single column designs. From the Campaign Monitor people

Social Design Best Practices

…according to Google’s OpenSocial team

@lilja: “I’m just geotagging my photos on Flickr. It’s important.” The geekiest girlfriend alive.

Shattered after the drive home from Cornwall. Photos are up on Flickr.

Pootling down the M5 in the sunshine. @lilja is at the wheel, shades on, driving fairly competently