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October 2008

Apache UIMA

“Unstructured Information Management applications are software systems that analyze large volumes of unstructured information in order to discover knowledge that is relevant to an end user.”

On my way back from GU Towers.


Attractive marketplace for designers

First look at Windows 7's User Interface

Meh… (spoken like a Mac fanboy)


Tucked up warm at home ready to listen to the North London derby on the radio

@Philip5150 damn you for cursing us. I’m so bloody frustrated after that! Scousers march on…

Flickr: Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site

Avoid JS frameworks, optimise everything and keep page loads/ajax calls tiny

Children's art offers unique perspective on climate change

Brilliant. Some wag has slipped a Goatse tribute into a gallery of children’s artwork representing climate change in the Guardian… unless, er, this is for real?

The Letters of Anthony Hopkins

@flatpackedworld me too. Still chuckling after the Donny Tourette episode.

Bed and BReakfast markup (B&BR)

A way of describing the use of presentational markup rather than semantic tags

The rabbit loves Radio 3. Ears forward and nose twitching.

Preventing CSRF and XSRF Attacks

“When a user visits a site, the site should generate a (cryptographically strong) pseudorandom value and set it as a cookie on the user’s machine. The site should require every form submission to include this pseudorandom value as a form value and also as a cookie value.”

RGBA colors - CSS3

How to use RGBA - Safari 3/Webkit only for now

Firefox 3 anti-aliasing glitch

If you use the opacity CSS property you get ugly text in Firefox 3 Mac

Best Practices for OAuth with Fire Eagle

And also good pointers for anyone wanting to implement OAuth, especially in an iPhone app - asql - Apache SQL querying

Analyse log files using SQL via SQLLite

Scannability Equals Profit

Helping people scan-read a page through columns, grids and whitespace

Back from live filiming of the IT Crowd. Genuine laughs and enormous fun. I’m a fan now.

Feeling sorry for the poorly old woman in the bakery for whom hurculean effort was required to fetch me a roll

Peter Williams - Versioning REST Web Services

Serve different versions of an API by requiring a version number in the content type, eg application/vnd.mycompany.myapp-v2+xml

Free Ruby on Rails application profiling for developers - FiveRuns TuneUp

mezzoblue § Zoom

It’s now cool to use pixel font sizing

Dating Software Pro

Downloadable dating site software. “Have question? Ask me!”

Gravatar, one year later

Useful story of Gravatar’s growth and architectural challenges

My CMS -

Tom Insam powers his own his own site with a custom CMS written in whatever language he’s playing with at the time. Currently Django. Slick Flickr/Delicious importy stuff

Flickr Engineers Do It Offline

How Flickr uses queues behind the scenes

Very proud of my @lilja

has realised he’ll be in New York on presidential election day. “What, you mean Her Majesty isn’t your ruler? Independence, you say?”

@timblair. Phew. Glad to hear the internets have returned for you.

Neil Crosby's vCard

Microformats enabled vCard - for reference

Anti-pattern recognition

Jeremy’s crusade against the password anti-pattern continues. I fully agree.

Introduction to Netflix API Documentation

How to document an API. Thoroughly

iovation Partners with ID Insight

Address verification can now be combined with device checks. I wonder if this will be wrapped up in one call?

Latest iPhone Software supports full-screen Web apps

View source on the demo to see the new meta tags that tell the iPhone not to display the web app in Safari. It’s surprising how much better this makes the user experience

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example On Wedding Design

Detailed story of how Cabel from Panic designed his wedding

Feed IE 6 with a basic stylesheet

Reminder of how to serve special stylesheets to IE


Screenshots from numerous GUIs broken down by versions. Includes RISC OS.

jQuery and Microsoft

jQuery now being pushed by MS from Visual Studio

Paginators - a set on Flickr

Common methods of displaying paginator controls


Centralised discussion/comments system. Newly-acquired by Automattic

Using jQuery for Background Image Animations

Cheap, Easy Audio Transcription with Mechanical Turk

Describes how Amazon’s MT can be used for small, laborious tasks. May be useful for profile/photo moderations

Term Extraction Web Service

Examines text and suggests tags suitable for the text

2008 Coolest Brands in the UK

Aston Martin at number one