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January 2009

Bulletproof Server Backups with Amazon S3

Fluid 960 Grid System

Fluid/fixed 12 and 16 column layouts with example elements that scale magically

@timblair No broken limbs? You’ve ruined our sweepstake… Welcome back sir.

@MelKirk Haha. Where else can you get paid to look at wrinkly, furry naked people all day?

IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check

Free browser checking service. Not sure how robust this is, but it could certainly be useful

Google AJAX APIs Playground

Experiment with Google’s many APIs for visualisation, search, maps and others

Turn Any MP3 into an iPhone Ringtone

Didn’t realise it was that simple - make a 30-second AAC file and change its extension to .m4r

European VAT Number Validation API

Validate VAT number via a simple REST API. Returns JSON true/false or JSONP. Uses Google App Engine - by Aral Balkan

Destroy Today / DestroyTwitter

Nice lo-fi Twitter desktop app. Air powered. By the author of DestroyFlickr

The Setup on waferbaby

Hardware/software used by noteworthy geeks at work and home

johnmuhl's javascript-tools-tmbundle

Textmate Javascript bundle that provides validation/syntax checking and minification tools

T Incorporated

Interesting Django-powered personal site that aggregates content from the author’s social services

CSSiPhone — Screens for all your iPhone needs.

Gallery of iPhone specific web design

OmniGraffle Wireframe Icons

The missing icons from the updated OmniGraffle wireframe stencil. $10 but worth the money.

Different approaches to positioning a comment icon in Basecamp and Backpack

Absolutely position the disappearing comment bubble with a relatively positioned div to stop the page jumping

Do UK government web sites need to look exactly the same in every browser?

Not at all. There’s a magic paragraph quoted for evidence.

App Engine Recipe - authorized_role decorator

Fog Creek's new office

Floorplan from Joel Spolsky’s new office

Mac OS X 10.5: Time Machine stops backing up to external disk

If your external disk has a Master Boot Record then it’ll need to be reformatted and repartitioned

jQuery liScroll - a jQuery News Ticker

I’d rather never have to use this, but just in case, it’s a news ticker scroller thing

Font-weight is still broken in all but one browser

Only Firefox 3 renders numeric (100, 200, …, 900) font weight values correctly

Open-plan offices are making workers sick, say Australian scientists

I knew it

Random password generator

Ignores l, 1, 0, o, i and Q

Robby on Rails : Subdomain accounts with Ruby on Rails explained

37signals office on a Sunday morning

jQuery pageSlide - Halobrite

Lovely effect that slides the entire page to the left to reveal a fixed sidebar

sIFR lite

Lightweight alternative to sIFR (untested)

Rate limiting with memcached

Great idea for limiting access attempts using memcached rather than repeated database hits. Suggested use is resisting dictionary password attacks; could also be used for resisting spammers

John Resig - HTML5 Shiv

Use document.createElement(“xyz”) on IE6 to support the new HTML5 tags

flipping typical

Intelligent and useful web page that guesses the fonts installed locally and allows you to try out sample text in each

Wireframes Magazine

Blog containing contributors’ wireframes, tools and approaches to wireframing

Upload from your desktop — more better! « Flickr Blog

New Flickr Uploader - now supports video

An Event Apart and HTML 5

Eric Meyer’s approach for adopting HTML5 in the recent An Event Apart redesign

HTML 5: The Markup Language

Tag-by-tag guide to HTML5

Space Miner

Wilson Miner’s wife’s tumblelog. Lovely content, but I’m also interested in the lovely Tumblr theme Wilson has created for the missus.

Grid Designer 2

Enter widths, gutters and/or number of columns and this tool will work out the dimensions you need to use. It can also export CSS for the layout and also typography, aligned to a baseline grid

Wanting to use Google Reader for its social/sharing features, but just can’t wean myself off NetNewsWire

Peace and quiet in the office. Perfect time to do some thinking and planning.

“Ex-KGB spy buys UK paper for £1” That’s nothing: I bought the Guardian this morning for 80p.

Very excited!

I’m on the move: upgrading from a cramped, crumbling Withnail-and-I flat to a lovely big new house


Tweak your Mac’s sleep/hibernate preferences


Upcoming project/task management app. Sounds promising: resource allocation, tracking and reporting. Just what I need right now.

@ryancarson Orchestrate sounds like exactly what I need right now. Work harder on those wireframes!

Using Git to manage a web site

boxee: the open, connected, social media center for mac os x and linux

Now supports BBC iPlayer. Time to get myself a Mac Mini and start using this - will also work with Apple TV.

OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils | Konigi

Updated version of the definitive wireframing stencils for OmniGraffle 5 (Mac)

Prof. Engd's Étagère of Hypnopompic Hexadecimal Miniature Monsters

Pixel monsters!

@melkirk Looking forward to welcoming you to #whitelabeldating and Windsor later this month. You’ll love it here!

Smart Return in Sifter

Impressive attention to detail - Sifter intelligently and elegantly handles where to return you to after performing an action. Interaction design at its finest.

ping pong dim sum

Quick, affordable, tasty chinese food. Went to the Waterloo Ping Pong, had two beers and nine items off the menu for under £40. Recommended.

Review Board

Code review tool by VMware devs. Review diffs and comment/discuss

The new Fog Creek office

Seriously expensive, but it sounds like an amazing place to work


Hide all other applications and dim the desktop background to help you focus

Lighthead - Caffeine

Prevent the screensaver/dimmer from kicking in when watching a video/DVD or presenting

Alex Payne - setup

Alex’s list of hardware and software that he uses daily

Big list of Django tips (and some python tips too)

How Django processes a request

Off to see Rothko at Tate Modern and then some dim sum. Yum.

@ian_winter I’ve not actually used that case. I prefer keeping my iPhone on its own in my pocket. No real scratches yet.

@rosswilliams Redesign my site or yours? I’ll be doing the former quite soon actually