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February 2009

@ian_winter Bedside tables and wardrobes all assembled. I now have a headache from too much hammering. Need medicinal booze.

Playstation 3 Media Centre

The conclusion of Jon Hicks’ exhaustive search for a Mac-centric home media centre solution

Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores

Stretches my little brain a bit, but this is a comprehensive breakdown of k/v stores and their drawbacks.

M Cubed Software - Lighthouse Keeper

Mac desktop client for accessing Lighthouse projects and tickets offline

How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data

Compressed python pickles are stored in an entities table with other tables storing indexes of this data. Uses normal MySQL replication and transactions via InnoDB but without time-consuming index rebuilds whenever they add features.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

Just in case they have another day of pain

Listening to @mattjukes’s 10 tracks for today on Spotify

@MelKirk “Ooh I could duff up a daffodil!”

@jeffcronkshaw DTw is great isn’t it? Simple but elegant

@mr_mcd I completely missed your tweet about Shameless Dating. Tweet overload! Are you using us then? Let me know if I can help at all.

Downloading #safari4


Mobile phone payments. Rebilling, follow-up texts, signup by text.

@ioptics About time too. Get yourself a profile icon, slacker :)

Just bought furniture, a bed and sofas. Giving poor credit card a rest watching the cricket in HD.

Massively excited to have the keys to our new house. So much space and it’s all shiny, lovely and new.

@mr_mcd I led the team that built while at Rawnet. Happy to answer any questions if I can help

Boxee and Plex

I’d heard of the former, but the latter looks worth a go. Will try this with my MacBook Air when setting up my new telly

Designing consistency

A peak into the Guardian’s pleasingly pedantic style guide for tables used on its sites (Not sure why the document title is “How designers make even their bug reports look beautiful”?)

Remote pair-programming using iChat

A Software Designer Knows His Office Space, Too

New York Times review of Joel Spolsky’s wonderful new offices

Facing up to Fonts | Slides and notes

Richard Rutter from Clearleft on intelligent use of web fonts, including specifying alternatives for italics where appropriate. Good stuff. » Deploying Wordpress to SliceHost using Capistrano and Git

The technical story of Muxtape

Persevered with PHP, but love of Rails and Ruby helped switch away

Hivelogic - Why Your Avatar Matters

Consistent use of the same avatar in all services helps associate the account with you. I’ve been using the same (cheesy) photo everywhere for the last couple of years.

Heroku | The Future of Deployment

Deploy Rails apps without any of the hassle of provisioning, estimating growth, hardware/software setup, etc. Odd that there’s no mention of Google App Engine which covers similar ground to Heroku, albeit not using Rails

Google App Engine Blog: A roadmap update!

Potentially exciting news about GAE: scheduled tasks, background processing, outgoing/incoming email and XMPP coming later this year (May?). I’m planning new apps in anticipation…

@flapjackthecat Hello Flapjack. Tell your daddy he’s a very sad man for impersonating his cat on Twittter.

@marckysharky Happy birthday! Have a marvellous rest of the day.

Having a bio written for me for new @wld website. Wish I could just use “is grumpy and doesn’t want to have a bio”

@Tomtids It’s only taken you five years since I first nagged you to properly switch over to Mac OS X :) Hope you’re well mate.

@rosswilliams (to the tune of Dancing Queen) You are our Arshavin/Move those feet, Arsenal’s 23… I’m at Goldsmith’s Open Day with Alex.

I’m looking for Rails gurus and front-enders to work with us at @wld. DM me if you know someone (or pass on).

Pingdom iPhone app

Theme Garden | Tumblr

Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous

Aghast that the ridiculous saga of Arshavin-to-Arsenal won’t be resolved until tomorrow. Is it now the FA’s fault? Bonkers. #TDD

@timblair Did you not bring your skis? This weather should be no challenge for you after last week.

RT @timblair: engaged to @debbie - congratulations to you both x

BBC - Radio Labs - How we make websites

I want to add comments to something I’m building. Should I go for Disqus or Intense Debate?

@marckysharky Terrible shame about Chelsea. Third place for the Arse I think.

@rosswilliams Yes, having a dabble, but suffering from Cobbler’s shoesism.

@marckysharky The Royal Oak always shows the footy. It’s opposite W&E Riverside station.