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March 2009


Open source Twitter client for the iPhone. Used as the basis for the iPhone app. Worth digging around to see if this could also be a good starting point for a WLD app.

Google Analytics Tracking API

Methods that can be called to register additional data when tracking in GA

@Tomtids Not this time, but good guess. I’m afraid it’s @ian_winter and @rosswilliams. I’ve resisted the lure of #flightcontrol so far…

Watching a grown man land pretend planes on his phone during his lunch break

Booked two #readingfestival tickets for the Sunday. Radiohead, Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend and more.

@TarryBoast He’ll be even more vocal now that @ian_winter has got 73. I think he’ll be locking himself in his office until he’s beaten it :)

@hobbsy I quite like Vanilla. Used it on a couple of projects without much spam.

@brianhogg SQLEditor (Mac) isn’t too bad and reasonably priced -

I’m rubbish and I know it. I’ve upset a good friend by not being in touch for a few months.

Google Ajax Feeds Fun

Display an RSS feed using Javascript (plus some libraries)

Easter Icons

Bunnies, chicks and eggs, free for personal and commercial use


PHP5 framework. Fork of CodeIgniter


XMPP BOSH session initialiser


Javascript XMPP BOSH library - for writing IM clients in the browser

ITV HD accessible with new Sky EPG

(Not tried this yet)

Business/group focused microblogging Twittery tool. Like Yammer, but seems nicer

Listening to two workmen proper shouting at each other in our office roof. There’s going to be fisticuffs soon.

@MissSpanna surely not! Did you clobber someone?

@Trevorlines What a stunning scene. Even more so to my poor eyes, straining in the gloom of office fluorescent lights. Enjoy your afternoon!

Heroku | Radiant CMS in 5 Minutes Or Less

Using Radiant on Heroku


Mac grid overlay app

xtrabackup-0.3, binaries and stream backup

Hot backup InnoDB databases to a remote box via a stream

@ian_winter You should never stick. Always twist.

@rosswilliams don’t forget the red button extras (as recommended by @tumbleweeds)

Two months to wait for a 15 min appointment with an eye specialist. Humph. #nhsfail

Delighted to welcome @taryneast to the @wld dev team today. She’s our team’s first Rails developer - and first woman too :)

TellyBox, a Mac app that allows you to watch live and catchup BBC Television

Smartly done wrapper for the BBC iPlayer. See also RadioAunty for radio equivalent


Automatically tag your music collection with metadata from

Stewart Lee is my hero. Very happy he’s back on the telly

@tumbleweeds ooh no I hadn’t. Watching it now. Thanks very much!

@edpercival Very kind of you to say so. I learned lots today - thank you. Looking forward to our next session.

Twibot: A microframework for Twitter bots in Ruby

Upgrading to Rails 2.3 with Git

Get Wireframing: The All-In-One Guide

Comprehensive guide to wireframing and prototyping tools and resources

Exploring Cufón, a sIFR alternative for font embedding ~ Authentic Boredom

Detailed review of Cufon by Cameron Moll. Thumbs up, although current drawbacks are listed including no :hover state or text selection

Jet Profiler for MySQL

Java desktop MySQL profiler using native commands such as SHOW PROCESSLIST


Another clever Canvas/Javascript toolkit for charts and things


UK accounting web app for freelancers and SMEs

Proud owner of the lovely Typographic Desk Reference, hot off the press #typodeskref

@codegent Added a bit of summery, toe-tapping cheese from the Boo Radleys to your #ultimatefridayplaylist

Playground Blues

What a beautiful personal website/tumblelog design. I like the chunky icons which reveal more when rolled over.

Aptana Cloud

Integrates Aptana’s Eclipse-based IDE with a cloud hosting environment on Joyent. Supports PHP, Rails. Monitoring tools too.

@ZackRabbit They do look similar, don’t they? Same beige coloured fur and huge ears!

I’m watching all of you very carefully today… Beware the Ides of March!

Social Graph Explorer (me)

Sucks out data about you from Google’s Social Graph API, microformats and RSS feeds

Rails Boost: Rails Template Generator

Makes a custom Rails 2.3 stack with your choice of plugins and whatnot

Dusting off the Wii for the first time this year for some Mario Kart/Galaxy and Zelda. Forgotten how slick it is, even in SD.

Listening to nice music with the rabbit for company. A very civilised evening.


Tutorials on Git from the GitHub people

Aggregation and the Edge.

Paul Mison’s thoughts on aggregating your distributed content, like Tom Insam, Jeremy Keith, Phil Gyford and others. Dual purpose: for your personal website and also backup in case things all go Magnolia.

Twitter Export Script

Documents about MySQL query optimization

How to be a program manager - Joel on Software

Describes quite a lot of my job at the moment. Have added the book Joel recommends to my Amazon wishlist

garrettmurray's js_twitter_flickr

Display latest tweet and Flickr photos via JavaScript+PHP. Uses Magpie to cache feeds

Building and Scaling a Startup on Rails: 12 Things We Learned the Hard Way

From the perspective of the Posterous chaps. Good lessons, not just for Rails apps.


Canvas/VML font renderer. Alternative to sIFR. Converts fonts into special format which can be rendered in the browser quickly. No Flash, SVG or images

Share My Playlists

Spotify playlist directory/community. Could be very handy

Magazine titles on Twitter - Media UK

List of publications with a Twitter profile. Very music heavy it seems

BCE 7ft Black Cat Pool Table

Possibility for work games room

git ready » learn git one commit at a time

Why are so many people here scrambling for Jackson tickets? Guys, he’s a deranged freak who’s been terrible since before you were born.

@mr_mcd Ha, love that vid. Good point. Thriller was great, but you know you’d get all that Earth Song nonsense live.

@Tomtids He’ll be like James Brown was for the last few years: shuffling around and a few random squawks while his backing band sing

@Philip5150 Me too. Doves are one of my most played bands. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since Some Cities.

RT @stooty: - congratulations mate. Top geek points for announcing the pregnancy via a twitpic!

@fuzzyness Let me know if you’ve any technical or other questions about - happy to help.

@MissSpanna one day Frost junior will listen to her wise older brother. Get a phone line and ADSL for the love of God!

Back from baptism. Silver choo-choo moneybox given to little Aaron and old uni friends seen. Time for some toad in the hole.

Inlaws coming over today so I’ve been cleaning, tidying up and definitely not arsing around on the internet all morning

Been bowlin’ with the @wld dev team and special guest Susan. Managed a couple of games without disgracing myself too.

Don’t approach @MelKirk lest she insists you sniff her forehead

Just finished my first PR briefing with a journo, talking about mobile dating. Went quite well really and I don’t think I waffled too much.

@cronkshaw it’s a mobile tech journal that’s in print and web. Should be out later this month. Quite good fun offering my opinions :)

@cronkshaw Hope the Apple prices over in Singapore are more reasonable. Sterling’s slump has meant big price bumps :(

@MissSpanna Spooky. Me neither. G&T on the sofa instead: much better.