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May 2009

Switching from scripting languages to Objective C and iPhone: useful libraries :: Hackdiary

Libraries for XML, RegEx, Sqlite and more that should be useful when building iPhone apps

HSBC card transactions are reportedly failing this morning. Terrible timing considering it’s the last day of the month.

Wireframe Icons, Royalty Free EPS and PNG | Konigi

Now royalty free so you can use them in web apps.

Hosting toy Rails and Django apps using Passenger -

Didn’t realise Passenger also played with Django

Google Web Elements

Embed Google things (maps, calendars, searches, comments, etc.) on your site

Tom Taylor : Projects : Clarke

Small Mac menubar app that updates your FireEagle location. Not much use unless you’ve got a laptop of course

Ubuntu 8.04 Server 64-bit VPS with Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6.0 and Railo 3.1

Enjoyable day with @lilja in the Eton sunshine. Lunch at the Henry VI and a stroll along the river back to Windsor. Doing some to-dos now.

My Mighty Mouse scroll nipple has stuck yet again. Can’t. Scroll. Down. Not sure how the design ever passed Apple’s QC dept. #nipplefail

20 years ago today, last minute of the season, Thomas bursting through the midfield: #arsenal

I’ve had sad news about my family’s cat Marmite who was put down this morning. Probably a car accident. Poor little chap.

@braindeaf Happy birthday and thanks for the kind words about the cat. I’m having a packet of cheese and onion and fizzy pop as instructed.

@Philip5150 Yeah, Thomas hangs onto the ball for far too long. Keep thinking he’ll be tackled or Grobelaar will reach him. He’s ice cool :)

@Tomtids Thanks dude. He was an old boy, good innings, enjoyed his 12 years. Sad to think I picked him out when he was a tiny kitten though.

@jontarbuck I had a similar Blair Witch moment having a picnic in WGP this afternoon. Those clusters of trees all look the same don’t they?

How to Effectively Manage Your (Huge) Todo List | Think Vitamin

Valuable insights from Ryan Carson, especially the quote “Your inbox is a todo list that anyone in the world can write to.” Must try these tips out.

Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map

Drag a gmap around and get the lat/lon

Nice Web Type Suggests: Graublau Sans with Lucida sanserif

Handy examples on where to use Graublau Sans Web and where not


iPhone/web collective: Garrett Murray and chums

Hi, I’m Jason.

Inspiring job application from a designer pitching himself for a job with 37signals

The Little Manual of API Design (PDF)

djng—a Django powered microframework

Still requires Django’s libraries, but doesn’t require or

@susan_mcmahon Did you enjoy watching Arsenal’s kids last night? You’re now officially a Gooner - congratulations!

As @mattzilla and @smccran pointed out, Play Doh would have been much better than plasticine because I could at least have eaten it.

I’ve received a slab of plasticine in the post from a recruiter to help “shape the future of your business”. Top corporate wankspeak.

@joemahoney Great (puerile) minds think alike. I’ll have a play this afternoon and TwitPic-erize it.

@ian_winter I’m hoping you went for a nice chunky gold sovereign for yourself.

Enjoying a deserved pint poured by my favourite barmaid @lilja after my Monday Meeting Marathon.

web2py: Enterprise Web Framework

Python framework, now supported on Google App Engine

Fast, authenticated file downloads with rails, apache and xsendfile

Deliver protected assets without passing through the application. Uses mod_xsendfile and a Ruby gem

Rails Underground

24-25th July in London with some decent looking speakers

The Meaning of Colour in Web Design

The separate meanings in different countries, eg red is life in Japan but danger in Europe (via Jon Hicks I think)

News! I’m leaving the Robot Co-op, starting Enjoymentland

Including Buster’s lessons on how to build a happy startup

Git Community Book

A collection of lessons on tasks you’ll need to do when learning git

@timblair Sorry to hear about the moggy. Poor little thing.

My MacBook Air prefers Safari to Firefox. I know this because its fans don’t go bonkers as they do when using the CPU hungry ‘Fox.

Apprentice task is Margate rebrand yet neither team are using Chas & Dave’s song. Missed opportunity there.

@cronkshaw It’s not very logical, but it is possible to remove connections on LinkedIn, just not from a contact’s page

Guessing that Twitter changed replies to reduce the number of records they need to write with each new tweet and so cope with scary growth.

Tonight: Chinese takeaway and The Apprentice on the sofa. Simple pleasures.

I had a paper cut from a £20 note this morning. It hurt. If I was a superstitious man I’d take it as some sort of ominous money warning.

Recruiters, why do you keep asking me to connect on LinkedIn? I know your game - you just want to leech my contacts and annoy them too.

@braindeaf Or perhaps the government’s way of increasing liquidity by making razor-edged notes that kill half the population off.

@cronkshaw Your first day’s re-education back at Lilly:

Morning everyone

Malouda’s hair = iced gem (via @gunnerblog)

Can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Chelsea, but there were 3 or 4 pens not given there. Great drama for the neutral.

@dpzinfo A very kind thought, but even lovely Dominos pizza can’t mend the shattered dreams of Arsenal fans in England tonight :(

Settling down to the footy with Dominos’ Football Special 2-4-1 on its way. Clever promo for lazy types like me.

@Tomtids I may have pizza but since ordering Arsenal have let in two. I blame Dominos. It’s all their fault.


Awesome UK property search engine with a lovely endless-scrolling dynamic interface

Ten Critical Questions to Ask When Checking References

12 Excellent Examples of “Lazy Registration”

Describes the practice of not obstructing the user with signup forms and gaining trust/loyalty so that they want to add their details

Call To Action Buttons

How to design an effective CTA button - good contrast, logical location, verb-first language, big size, lots of padding

What a Twitter admin user sees

Admin pr0n - obtained naughtily of course

Couple has bonk by Windsor Castle, possibly the least romantic/erotic setting in the world, and ends up in the papers: