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June 2009

Been coving. Covered in plaster.

Lovetastic // gay love personals: smarter, funkier, and full of romance.

Great looking gay dating site. Developed in Rails by a Rails agency owner

Setting User’s Locale Based on Domain Name In Rails

Nesta – a CMS for Ruby Developers

Lightweight Sinatra/Markdown/Ruby CMS

Sexy Music Album Overlays

Could be handy to use for showing recent album listens from

Four crowdsourcing lessons from the Guardian’s (spectacular) expenses-scandal experiment

Plus background on the site itself: Guardian using Django and EC2 for the first time on a project.

MetaLab: We make interfaces

Gorgeous interfaces and attention to detail

Introducing Marley, the blog engine without textareas

Lightweight Ruby blog engine - publish via git push

Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts For Your Designs

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

The Nokia Test

Two-part set of questions to determine if you’re actually doing Scrum

Update your new Mac with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

For Macs bought in the UK after 8 June 2009

Watching Blur and Prodigy at Glastonbury on the telly. Essex rules.

Never mind MJ, found out that Steven Wells died of cancer on Wed. A gonzo journo legend; Swells’ was the first NME article I read each week.

@Aleksandr_Orlov Congratulations on your @newmediaage awards tonight. I hope Sergei gets the day off tomorrow to celebrate.

Michael will be singing a duet with Princess Diana in Heaven tonight.

@cronkshaw great idea. I’ll blow their retinas next time with my finest nylon masterpiece.

Board meeting today so I’m wearing a shirt.

Off to @newmediaage awards bash at Grosvenor hotel. Say hello if you’ll be there this evening.

Back from a lovely day out at Birdworld, Surrey’s premier bird related attraction

Using Django 1.0.2 with Google App Engine 1.2.3

You can now specify either 0.96 or 1.02 with GAE. You need to install Django locally for development

How P2 Changed Automattic — Matt Mullenweg

Twitter-like microblogging theme for Wordpress that threads comments and posts updates using Ajax. Used by WP for their internal communication.

The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg, Leading Your Company

Fascinating article about the WordPress founder and his style of working and living.

$1 Million Netflix Prize So Close, They Can Taste It

10% recommendation algorithm bounty to help Netflix get media buzz, deliver better matched recommendations to its customers and compete with downloads. Genius.

Monkey patching my version of Ruby just like the cool kids do.

Waiting like a spare part for @lilja’s end of year show to begin. Pop next door to cafeteria to find 20/20 cricket on. Result.

Notable | Easiest way for teams to provide feedback on websites.

Overlays and non-intrusive ways of gathering feedback and collaborating.

Styling buttons to look like links

Useful for destructive post actions

Email. Twice daily. No more, no less.

And no cheating, even on your iPhone. 10am and 4pm are his times to check.

Visualisation Rules

Andy’s using a Kanban board with stakeholders. “They got a message that coders have been trying (unsuccessfully) to convey to them for many years. Yes, ad hoc stuff gets in the way of scheduled development.”

Sun’s out. Lazy Sunday. I make that Pimms o'clock.

Even though I don’t tend to use Facebook much, I’m still pleased to have grabbed

@timblair You’re very welcome. Hope @debbie wasn’t waiting too long. She’s got a great twitter account btw - worth a few bob that.

@Debbie Hellooooo you!

@baob Well done and “woo hoo” to you! I’m taking baby scrum steps now and while it’s hard work to change reflexes, I’m seeing the light.

@MelKirk @therunningdude @dlythgoe Who’s this @bfrost you keep talking about? Check my handle dudes!

“Kaka is world record signing”… but only in sterling. 65m euros is less than 73m for Zidane in 2001 but the pound is now down a third.

Today’s word is “awesomesauce”.

@susan_mcmahon What’s that Susan? Old Mick is trapped down a well in Woolongarunga Creek?

The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

V2.0 of the book for V1.0 of Django

10 things you (probably) didn't know about App Engine

The PhotoBoard Tumblr Theme. Designed by Ben Delaney.

Lovely photos/links Tumblr theme

BeautyTips Demo Page

Ultimate tooltips plugin for jQuery

The Ultimate jQuery List

New Service: Interface Evaluation (Usability Audit) - Bokardo

Lightweight evaluation service resulting in prioritised list of issues and advice on best practices

Deploying ExpressionEngine from GitHub with Capistrano

Exhaustive and thorough description of best practices

Agile git and the story branch pattern

Workflow of writing stories in Pivotal Tracker through to the git push.


Post-push Git hook management tool. Auto deploy apps after pushing.

@Tomtids Terry is a marketing consultant for us too and knows I have a rabbit. It’s a Godfather-style offer I can’t refuse :)

Just had this delivered by Terry from Peer1. If we don’t host with them it’ll be my rabbit’s last meal!

Flicked the big switch on our new own-brand dating site this morning:

Back from King Creosote gig in Windsor. Very impressed: the whole band (who did solo support) were superb. Audience not so much.

Intranet Design Annual 2009: 10 Intranets With Great Usability

Table of contents to the paid-for report gives some useful information away

Researching setting up one of these new-fangled “intranets” for the company.

@mattjukes It’s always the way - initial fanfare leading to apathy, stale content and 404s. Poor little intranets sniff.

Putting the world to rights with @timblair

@BradHaverly iPhone OS 3.0 should be out to coincide with Apple’s developer conference on the 8th. Not long to go now…

Apparently @MelKirk’s shit don’t stink.