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July 2009

@MelKirk @FrancescaHeath Danny Dyer? Most laughable mock-hardman since Ross Kemp. Danny Dire’s far better:

@toddogroats So was he propah nawty or actually a well behaved young man?

Filling out cells in a big, important, shared Google spreadsheet. Crossing fingers that it doesn’t break.

@MissSpanna Kelly and Claire tried it for a couple of days back at university. Made their poo rather nasty I’m afraid.

Learned lots today from our clever people about Scrum and then affiliate marketing. Combining the two on a new project.

@MissSpanna You can live on Guinness, oranges and milk you know.

More than 100,000 icons in one place

Much Ado About IE6

Digg’s research suggests many IE6 users aren’t upgrading because they’re viewing at work and aren’t allowed

jQuery Visualize Plugin: Accessible Charts & Graphs from Table Elements using HTML 5 Canvas

Four Tips For Cracking E-Mail Filters

Break up the list into small groups, shorten subject lines, remove spammy words from subjects, don’t send forms within email


Simple but clean set of icons - $279

Social Media Icons — Paul Robert Lloyd

Spreedly: The Easiest Way to Sell Subscriptions on your Site

Support Details | Tech support anger management

Displays your OS, browser, IP, Javascript status and more. Very handy for remote tech support (via @ioptics)

Saw an unexpected hour of very good, very funny new Stewart Lee material last night at Water Rats, Kings X. Bliss.

Listening to Radiohead on very good Bose headphones. Volume up to 11. Might be deaf quite soon.

Half watching the cricket, killing time before heading out to London for some comedy at the Water Rats tonight.

Strewth. Not only are Australia keeping out England’s attack in the Ashes today, they’re stealing back our @susan_mcmahon. Flamin’ mongrels.

Taking the dev team out for a bit of bonding tonight. @MelKirk and Marketing are sad, but we couldn’t afford all their cocktail bills!

@TheGhoti Ha ha. I should have emailed the Daily Mail and signed off “disgusted of Tunbridge Wells”.

Well done @stooty - RT @MelKirk: Excited by the launch of our new partnership with Cosmopolitan!

Working with @jlcoassin and the clever devs at @codegent on an exciting new project for the @wld platform.

@thesambarnes Lovely people: I briefly worked for them in 2007 before joining @wld. WBAC: the four most evil words in the dictionary.

Tesco charge me £4.50 to deliver yet miss a 2-hour window and won’t refund the charge because the time is an “estimate”. Unhappy customer.

@Philip5150 I’d guess at fan vid, but it’s extremely slick. Love the way the music is quiet and muffled to start with.

@thesambarnes @braindeaf Sorry guys. It’s been driving me mad too. An annoyance shared is an annoyance halved, right?

I love my new office and MacBook Pro setup. Happy geek.

@Philip5150 Great great great film. Seen this mashup with Radiohead’s 15 Step?

Excited to be welcoming Rails guru @martinbtt to the @wld dev team tomorrow morning.

The most catchiest TV advert ever. A perfect 30 seconds.

@teabass Ha sorry about that! WBAC are advertising on every bloody cheap satellite channel right now so it’s impossible to avoid. Gits.

JVM Error Installing 64-bit ColdFusion On Mac

The current (end of 2008) Mac JVM is rejected by the CF 8.0.1 64-bit installer. Mucking around with the default Java version at the shell fixes things. Yes, Apple changed this, but it’s disappointing that Adobe still hasn’t released a proper new CF installer that will work on an up-to-date Mac.

Aww. I want to give Roddick a big hug. Poor lamb. Federer is ice cool. He looks like he’s just been for a gentle walk.

Coding Horror: Hardware is Cheap, Programmers are Expensive

Big Cartel

Shopping cart service for artists. Also, I like how the “Find out more >” link is reversed when you roll over the page.

camen design · Video for Everybody!

Embed video in the new HTML5 way, but also provide a fall back for older/incompatible browsers

Daring Fireball: Creating Ogg Theora Files on Mac OS X With ffmpeg2theora

Serve H.264 to Safari and Ogg to Firefox

Still alive after a ride on the back of @lilja’s Vespa. Didn’t spot @aviatorgal - was too busy holding on for dear life!

Coving done. Started on soffits and kitchen units. My body hurts. #barrythebuilder

@timblair I’m afraid not. #barrythebuilder will be returning to the quiet world of online dating next week; manual labour is too hard