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August 2009

@toddogroats Propah nawty! Poor DD is getting a bit of a backlash though:

@marckysharky The effect of the loverly gurls was tempered by the numerous naked men lifted up in the crowd, winkies flapping in the wind.

At #ReadingFestival watching generic shouty kids rock. Waiting for decent stuff to come on and people watching.

This season’s festival fashion for young ladies is hotpants and wellies. So I’ve heard.


Configuration management using “code not by running commands”

5 Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers

Sexy buttons, semi-transparent menus, inset type, faded shadow and 3D depth

Dive Into HTML 5

Design Decisions: New signup form - (37signals)

Shorter, friendlier, “more” secure, clearer

Illustrator type technique using shapes | Veerle's blog

Making interesting joined-up logos - could be good for pocayoca

21 Fonts That Shouldn't Be Free...But Are!

Upgrade to Snow Leopard - Wired How-To Wiki

@cronkshaw It’s ridiculous. I live on my own yet have three toilets to clean. I should just sellotape shut two of them.

Scrubbed my bathrooms squeaky clean in preparation for my little sister coming to stay. Just call me Barry Scott:

Ankles and toes hurt from jogging on the spot on Wii Fit. Should have just gone for a run. #wiinjury

Design text for usability: Jakob Nielsen on effective announcement tweets (via @ryancarson)

Thinking Sphinx

Ruby gem to connect ActiveRecord to Sphinx

@toddogroats Jealous. Was at the Oval for 2005 series but could only watch on Sky today. Tiny Totts going top hasn’t dented my mood :)

@toddogroats It’s a comforting world when a pop star is chasing after a 60-something cricket legend. What a day!

@ioptics @teabass @rawnet Good work fellas. Last Percent looks great and my OpenID sign-up and test worked well. Now go get some sleep :)

Celtic: offered nothing, pub team players, can we play you every week, over-rated fans, song nicked from Scousers, cheerio.

RT @TCEurope poaches execs from and DatingDirect

Upgraded my Sky package to include ESPN ready for Everton v Arsenal later. Let’s hope ESPN’s coverage is better than Setanta.

@ioptics Not a bad start was it? Cautiously optimistic: Everton were dire but we looked very good.

@toddogroats Wouldn’t be surprised to see Vieira arrive on deadline day. Getting excited now… Come on you Reds!

@MelKirk I would have thought some weak lemon drink was more appropriate for a U2 gig. RAWK!

@cronkshaw Can’t see it happening this season, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Fabregas went next summer. Wilshere/Ramsey to step up.

Lost Reading Festival tickets crisis over! Postie had filed them in the wrong pigeon hole, no doubt after a liquid lunch at the Windlesora.

@MissAmyMcMillan The cheeky git. I hope you stomped on it extra hard that day as punishment.

Coveting a Subway BMT footlong for lunch. My Wii Fit is going to be so disappointed in me.

@sshingler I’m hoping a neighbour signed, but it’s supposed to be only my signature that’s accepted. Special Delivery isn’t.

My Reading festival tickets have been stolen. Royal Mail says they’ve been (Special) delivered and signed for but I’ve not got them. Grr.

Pleased to see so many people flocking to @wld this evening. I think that’s a record number of members online.

Stack Overflow Architecture | High Scalability

Women are getting more beautiful - Times Online

“For women, looks are much less important in a man than his ability to look after her when she is pregnant and nursing, periods when women are vulnerable to predators. Historically this has meant rich men tend to have more wives and many children. So the pressure is on men to be successful.”

Text Rotation with CSS

-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation=3);

App Engine Recipe - GoogleAppEngine (Python) with UrbanAirship to send out iPhone (OS3.0) Push Notifications

Developer's Guide - Google AJAX Libraries API

List of the Javascript libraries that Google hosts

Guardian Soulmates mobile

Soulmates now has a mobile-friendly template set with cut-down but useful functionality

Charlotte Read

Freelance London-based designer (as of March 2009). Lovely portfolio and recent work for the Guardian.

entp hoth blog Custom Tender Gallery

Tender allows you to white label their support system with your domain, favicon, iPhone icon, text and custom CSS

@RyanPitcher @BradHaverly Worst thing was when we got moving again after an hour there wasn’t even a crash scene to gawp at. Ripped off!

Sitting in M11 accident jam. People who crash and survive should lose their licence. I’m hot, irritable and uncharitable!

@Tomtids Well I’m 30 now; the kids are 18-20. An entirely different generation. You could be their father!

Gatecrashed the youngsters’ Friday at the pub with @rosswilliams. Probably best we left when we did before their style was fatally cramped.

Off to watch Surrey vs Derbyshire in the Pro 40 cricket for an afternoon of leather, willow and lager.

I won the second innings sweepstake too, predicting a win by four wickets. Just call me Bumble.

@Tomtids I think I’m expected to buy a round with that so it’s tap water for everyone…

Won the first innings sweepstake by two runs. Five whole English pounds are mine!

@Jordo_Digital @MelKirk I’m afraid I did what any other man of a certain age would do with a block of blue plasticine. I made a smurf cock.

@TarryBoast I’d rather not deal in salesman smarm tactics to be honest. He can’t ambush me via email!

Failing to understand why a supplier would respond to an email with a phone call, leaving a message to call them. Just reply to my email!

@deepfried has worked well for me in a couple of companies. Mac widgets and works with Basecamp if that’s your thing.

RT @mattjukes: sorry, but you do need to know this exists.

Boiled egg eaten, tea drunk, now waiting for the umpires to stop stomping around the outfield and get play started

What a talent Jack Wilshere is. Mustn’t get carried away, but I can’t wait to see him rip into Premier League defences this season.

@toddogroats Absolutely. Looking forward to a couple of signings and then a good season ahead.