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September 2009

Leaving a gig in London early makes me wish I didn’t live in Berkshire; escaping the city and whizzing through countryside I’m glad I do.

Off to Highbury to see old kiwi faves the #datsuns play. Last saw them in 2002 I think. Nice bit of rock and roll for a sunny evening.

@randommelsmum Ouch. I’m picking up my TT tomorrow so I’ll see if there’s a spare unit in the workshop I can smuggle out for you!


Inspirational way of travelblogging using a map and Tumblr

Token by ~brsev on deviantART

Extensive set of iPhone icons for free (attributable) use


Posh cat litter boxes. Nice simple product site too.

Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish

Best practice for using external fonts across browsers

Cargo Theme (Tumblr)

Interesting method of displaying Tumblr posts

BezelHUD. A Quicksilver interface.

A HUD style bezel skin for Quicksilver that looks nice on Snow Leopard

Thin Text in Safari with Snow Leopard

Neat hack to make anti-aliased text look nice in Safari

Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices

Dimensions, best practices and nice examples of backgrounds

Watching our very own @melkirk present beautifully at #idate about social media and dating. Best presentation so far IMHO.

The sun is shining, watched my team give a superb project demo this morning and now had some very positive recruitment news.

@mr_mcd Ouch. I neglected to say I was also doing some ironing! Terrible state of affairs. I better find some emergency Top Gear pronto.

I’m accidentally watching Jerry Maguire. I can feel ovaries growing.

@stooty Top work! Congratulations to you and Naomi.

Custom USB Flash Drives and Memory Sticks. Bulk and Promotional

Slough-based promo custom-designed USB stick service

@mattjukes Bah. I was at ad:tech yesterday! I would’ve changed my plans if I’d known you were speaking. Good luck.

@teegs_ Hi fellow TTer! It’s Ice Silver, S-tronic, DVD sat nav, Bose audio, 6CD, heated seats, multi-function SW, 18in alloys, leather. Woo!

RT @wld: New upgrade page delivers increases in partners’ revenue: - doing my corporate blogging duty

@teegs_ Just the 2.0TFSI. The 3.2 would kill me for sure!

The worst thing about weekends is having to do housework.

@randommelsmum Thanks! I’ve been looking longingly at them for a while and took the plunge. Pleased to see you still enjoy yours :)

@ian_winter Don’t need one of them. You can use the silly flappy paddles to change gear if you want.

Back from the Audi dealership. Bought myself a newish ex-demo TT with lots of gadgets. Now waiting to hear when I can pick it up!

@BradHaverly Well the sat nav does have a 600 Mhz processor and plays DVDs so maybe one day :)

Rediscovering Radiohead’s awesome Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP from years ago on @spotify -

@BradHaverly Get stuck into @spotify. Lots of old Radiohead singles and rare stuff. Brings back happy 90s memories for us oldies :)

Tornado Web Server

Facebook/FriendFeed’s open sourced web server framework that was built for non-blocking, open connections.

Using rsync To Backup Files

(via @ioptics)

Argentina On Two Steaks A Day

The Argentine love affair with lovely steak

Snakes on the Web

Fascinating article that journeys from the beginnings of the web to present day Python/Django, concurrency and the pain of launching web apps in 2009.

Hivelogic - Compiling Ruby, RubyGems, and Rails on Snow Leopard

Dan Benjamin’s compile from source instructions for SL/Rails

Riding Rails: Upgrading to Snow Leopard

Rails specific instructions, including Passenger, MySQL, Macports

@cronkshaw Dude, since when did you have any fat on you? Give the rest of us a chance!

@DuaneJackson Nicely done. A bloody nose is just what they deserve for the lack of transparency. Here’s our response:

Booked a test drive for an Audi TT on Friday morning. I’ll probably frighten myself silly after 5 mins, but it’s time to put up or shut up.

It’s now more than 24 hours since we were last able to process repeat subscriptions with SagePay. Their service is still broken.

@ian_winter Don’t diss the little red rocket.

@mr_mcd It’s hurting us too. 1.5 hours of payment downtime so far during our busiest period. #SageFail

Amused to see Fleshlight Motion trending on Twitter while watching sanctimonious prude fest Hardcore Profits on the box.

@MissSpanna Pleased you like them! What’s your favourite album of theirs right now?

@craftyuk I am indeed. Flying in early on the Tuesday so will be there in time for the stag do. Will be great to see you guys - can’t wait.

Flights booked for Singapore in Jan, plans made for Andalucia in April and next I need to book Austin for SXSWi. 2010’s going to be awesome.

Probably the most awww-inducing page on the web (via @b3ta):

frequency decoder ~ table sort (revisited) pagination demo

Includes pagination and ordering

Prototype Table Sorter Class : TabOrderer

Sorting, filtering and pagination

@CampaignMonitor Thanks for your quick response and help ^DG. Very happy to be using CM again.

@CampaignMonitor I’ve been unable to log in to my “globalpersonals” a/c for two weeks. Support/reset emails aren’t being received. Help!

@timblair She was probably holding a new iPhone 3GI that clearly you’re not loyal enough to see:

“I do enjoy a burger in a bap, but please no mayonnaise!” Top George Dawes song. #shootingstars

watching Radiohead from Sunday at Reading: (UK only)