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October 2009

Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists

How We Made GitHub Fast

Detailed description of GitHub’s new architecture

Ruby memcached

Ruby interface to libmemcached C client


Persistent key-value database with libraries in all main languages


Open source high availability clustering software for server redundancy


Perl memcached interrogator that outputs in a top-like format

@hobbsy Thanks for that. Just lovely. Missed their recent tour but hopefully they’ll be back here again soon.

@clearjanuary Give it a proper listen on Spotify. Nice, gentle stuff. You could even use it as a lullaby for Austin.

Enjoying the new Kings of Convenience album, especially as NME sneer it’s “Nick Drake for the over-30s”


Make HTTP requests with params and see the response formatted nicely

@MelKirk No age slight intended. Must have been the close proximity to Liz Windsor earlier which plopped the word “queen” in my head.

@eddyga Ah, Leam station. I used to live a stone’s throw from there as a student while at Uni of Warwick. Great bar next door: Kelsey’s.

@randommelsmum The world needs more TT driving mothers of social media queens on Twitter. Keep it up!

Ruby on Rails developers, come work with me and our lovely team at White Label Dating:

@Tomtids Thanks for the plug, [Tom] :)

Play framework

Non-enterprisey Java web app framework in the vein of lightweight Python/Ruby ones

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

SubEthaEdit on the web

@timblair Well done Timbo. What was your talk on? Have you now progressed to High Geek Wizard status?

2 days in Oxfordshire at the @wld Partner Conference. 4 presentations to 70 partners = 1 tired me. Great time, but now I need some sleep!

Angel Delight and red wine. A winning combo.


Large GCal-esque calendar plugin for jQuery

The @wld marketing team have now put that bloody Backstreet Boys song in my head with their video: - nice moves!

I’ve got a whacking great bruise on my arm and no idea how it got there. I’m falling apart.

Free PNG Credit Card, Debit Card and Payment Icons

@Tomtids Hear hear. Hard to imagine commercial TV producing similar.

@clubberholic Dude, the parking space is all yours. Get in there quick!

@marckysharky There’s a chance your physio had his hands on Dennis Bergkamp and therefore touched God. Wow.

Gooners, instead of letting Barcelona’s tapping up get to you, have a chuckle at the inspired @barcanews (via @arseblog)

Spent a very pleasant evening in Datchet for @nmcadden’s birthday. Curry, beer and quizzing. Happy to have recruited such a lovely team.

Mourning the sale of my first car today after seven years. I’ve got a fistful of notes but it was still sad to see my Polo be driven off.

Put homemade casserole in oven, re-read recipe to find it needs 2 hours’ cooking time so I’ll be eating at 10pm. Should’ve just had a pizza.

Watching natural history epic Life on BBC (3 years in the making!) makes me very grateful for the licence fee.

I think I’ve got a ghost in my office. Not only is it deathly cold, but I keep finding my blinds open. Could be that pesky @rosswilliams

10 Very Cool Coworking Spaces From Around the World (pics)

Cloudvox - API-driven phone calls, in minutes (call your code: AGI/AMI, HTTP, Asterisk-Java, Adhearsion)

Stevey's Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile

An entertaining and probing opinion piece on agile: what works, when and how. Required reading.

Put Things Off

Collection of life hacks, advice and articles

Limonade - PHP micro-framework

In the style of Sinatra, Camping and co.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Selling my old Polo in Auto Trader. My first car and so also my first attempt at selling one. Bracing myself for cheeky offers.


Nice, clean Mac Flash blocker with whitelists

@cronkshaw Good work. It’s a legitimate excuse to cultivate the face fungus you’ve never been allowed to grow. Best clear it with Isa…

RT @codegent Our new website is now live. Check it out - Looks awesome. Love the whizzy About Us page.

Thoroughly enjoyed Micro Men on BBC4. Happy memories and a great British story in an age of US tech. Want to fire up my Acorn Electron now!

@cronkshaw No chance! It’s a redneck handlebar all the way - something stupid enough to not look intentional. I double dare you though…

Signed up to our @wld #Movember team. I’ll be growing a ridiculous ‘tache throughout November to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Having a geekgasm about Micro Men, a BBC4 drama about the 80s British home computer wars:

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

End of argument

@baob RIP poor old girl. Must have been 5+ years old.