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December 2009


JSONP RESTful interface for DNS lookups


Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery

Bypass image blocking by converting images to HTML

Clever pixel art that’s email compatible. Tables of background colours that of course don’t need images to be displayed.

Picked up some banana plugs from Wokingham. Neither as rude nor as exotic as their name suggests. They do help with my new speakers though.

Finished baking, cooling and safety testing chocolatey treats for my minions tomorrow.

Not a fan of the new(ish) Audi font. What was wrong with lovely Univers?

That’s Not a Memory Leak, It’s Bloat

Detecting inefficiencies in Rails apps, in particular with ActiveRecord

Simplest jQuery Slideshow

Forget agony aunts: dating/mating advice by an evolutionary psychologist

Nostalgia filled gig with Shed Seven in Kentish Town. All the old favourites and even an Arsenal 3-0 prelude. Happy me.

Feeling mostly human again after a cracking @wld Christmas party last night. Great to mix and dance badly with all our lovely staff.

@martinbtt Go for it. I’m certainly in favour of us using HTML5 in our new work.

@ian_winter Didn’t you put that sprig of mistletoe above my desk? Go on, gizza kiss!

@rosswilliams “12% told the survey … they would snog their boss in the hope of getting promoted” - subtle hint for the @wld party eh?

Done what I’ve been told - (re)bought RATM’s awesome Killing in the Name to help it get to No1 for Xmas: #ratm4xmas

@marckysharky I think you’ll find elderly people are given blue shirts and told to shuffle around ineffectually at Stamford Bridge.

After helping woman at Tesco with wine from a high shelf I was asked “can I get on my knees for you for anything.” Well it is Christmas…

Watching red button extras after cracking last The Thick of It. Pleased to hear @aiannucci refer to a “next series”. #ttoi

Day 2 of #leweb and fewer attendees today. Interesting @paypalx workshop, esp on chained and pre-approved payments.

Preparing for #leweb tomorrow with a nice bottle of 2001 French red. Plus a bit of ironing.

@marckysharky I think I’ve found your horse:

Loved watching Malcolm’s gradual loss of influence and control over this Thick of It series. Can’t wait to see his revenge in last episode.

Kanban Distilled for Managers

Perfect. I’ll send this around our management team.

Google Analytics goes async

Needs a change to the Javascript and then its tracking code is loaded asynchronously

31 Conversion Optimization Tips – and Counting

Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage

@ian_winter Well done sir! Big pat on the back from us here at @wld. #scalecamp


Fullscreen Mac browser

My office has been vandalised by malicious co-workers. Now it looks like I’m a Christmas loving nutter. #humbug

The Death Of The Blog Post - Smashing Magazine

Charting the trend of special, innovatively designed articles

3D Secure in Rails with Active Merchant and Sage Pay (formally ProTX)

Retro/eighties clothing and other products

Given the choice, how much choice would you like?

“Offering lots of extra choices seems to make no important difference either way”.

Bedside Booklight

Cleverly shaped bedside lamp - keeps the page in your book

Etre Touchy

Index and thumbless gloves - the other fingers are kept cosy

Use Twitter to tell you when to send your Email Newsletter

Subscribe to the RSS feed for a Twitter search result in Google Reader and then view day/time of the week stats.