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January 2010

Sucking up some wifi in Singapore airport as I wait to be locked in a big tube for 14 hours with hundreds of strangers. Gulp.

@timblair Glad to hear that Arsene is being looked after. It’s his second office move you know.

@Tomtids Yep, should be great fun. Good luck with the new motor. Sorry to hear you’re saying goodbye to the Polo.

Flying to Singapore early in the morning for @cronkshaw’s wedding week. First task, ignore the jet lag and head straight to the stag do.

@marckysharky Forget about jQuery, have you seen the league table?

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

What if Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski? “I stand before thee tainted with remorse, and beg thy mercy; I am overcome. A pox upon’t, Knave; let us play at ninepins.”

With a prefix of “flirty love”, the Daily Mail giggles about “newly single” Andy Murray and a 15 year old girl FFS:

@ian_winter Sorry to hear that mate. Best wishes to you and family.

@toddogroats You’re right. I must be a masochist!

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