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March 2010

ThemeForest: Admin Skins

Gallery of attractive admin interfaces to download for a small fee

Enjoyed #askthechancellors tonight, thought Vince Cable was the most impressive. Election just round the corner now…

@thesambarnes Out of context that’s going to look very strange in your tweet stream! You’ve inspired me to put on the DVD. Good times.

@thesambarnes You like Bailey’s?

@MelKirk Love it. I hope this is the start of a new series. Next time: Katie is shown 2 Girls 1 Cup…

First drink of the evening has gone straight to my head. Need to man up. Onwards to the bright lights of Windsor!

Redis cheat-sheet v1.0

A handy three-page document covering all of Redis’s commands and what they do

@marckysharky I see you’ve got a new “Gooners” list with me and @ioptics on it - and you? Glad to see you’ve seen the light. PS ha ha!

Happily paid for a premium @simplenoteapp account after a polite email pointed out I’d exceeded its free API limit and would I mind paying?

Ultimate guide to table UI patterns

43 Essential Controls for Web Applications

For the benefit of my team… Beware the Ides of March! Blank faces all round earlier. Less code, more Shakespeare.

Colosseo Letterpress Poster

Cameron Moll’s stunning Roman Coliseum crafter purely with type

gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery

Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King « myNoSQL

How Twitter is using Cassandra, but also insights into how they develop and roll out new features.

The Best Designed iPhone Apps

Screenshots and descriptions of beautiful iPhone apps

Speed Tracer

Chrome extension that visualises JavaScript parsing/execution, layout and CSS timings

Geospatial Indexing - MongoDB

Now supports “order by distance from”


Comprehensive guide to using @font-face, including links to suitable fonts

Mac Developer Program - Apple Developer

Apple’s entrance fee are now down to $99


Winner of the Best Short at this year’s Oscars. Saw this several times at LeWeb.

Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra

Commentary of Digg’s move from MySQL to NoSQL through Cassandra

Premailer: pre-flight for HTML email

Takes HTML and reformats for sending as email. Rewrites links to make them absolute and adds any tracking necessary. External CSS put inline.


Javascript library for charting with effects and interactivity

The Tumblr Gem

Very simple tumblr posting from the shell: eg “$ tumblr mypost.mdown”

iPhone’s Missing Feed Reader

Round up and reviews of iPhone feed readers, including my choice Byline

Wufoo Can Now Automatically Update Your Campaign Monitor Subscriber Lists

Notifications feature in Wufoo automatically updates your lists and can also match custom fields for extra information

How Software Engineers and Designers Can Increase Their Focus

Interview with the inspiring Lukas Mathis (Ignore the Code)

Spotify <3

Tools and scripts to make the most of your account from Spotify and vice versa

iPad Application Design

Adapting application design from iPhone (and web) to the larger screen and different expectations of the iPad

10 Useful git commands

Revised Font Stack | A Way Back

Up-to-date detailed list of safe alternative lists when specifying fonts in CSS

@TarryBoast Not a problem and thank you for reintroducing me to the term “douchebag” :)

@rosswilliams I’m not sure that cuddles are in my contract.

@Tomtids Well it really does depend on who’s supplying the cuddle. A firm handshake should suffice.

<3! — How to install MongoDB on OS X

Back from a top night out with our @wld dev team. Time for some sleep.

@mr_mcd Alec Baldwin? He’s the best actor in the world!

Own up… who’s been sandpapering my eyeballs in my sleep? Blink blink blink.

30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers

Why I think Mongo is to Databases what Rails was to Frameworks

Scaling Django

Detailed piece that focuses on Django but has lessons for everyone on scaling, caching, load balancing, queuing, sharding, etc.

CDN Catalog

List of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft hosted JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and SWFObject