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May 2010

Not sure my iPad will ever need charging.

@mr_nil But what a pretty doorstop it is!

RT @stephenfry: A good idea, @pownum looks useful. <– wow, congratulations @codegent, that’s the Twitter equivalent of a plug from @oprah!

Cradling my new work iPad. Deflecting envious glances and accusations of fatcatism. Don’t care - I’ve got a shiny new gadget!

The UK iTunes App Store now stocks iPad apps:

@Tomtids “Yeah, sending this one out to my man Killa B” or something like that. Load of nonsense!

Why and how to create Microsoft Office Minibar with jQuery and CSS3

Highlight text and a hovering contextual toolbar pops up over your paragraph. Useful for markup/links.

Video JS

HTML5 Video Player with fallback support for IE/Opera. Even works with WebM

Phil Taylor, greatest sportsman in the world. TWO 9-dart finishes in one match!

@cronkshaw Wah? Where are you off to?

After eating one of @ian_winter’s mega muffins this morning, I’ve been too full for lunch and dinner’s also looking unlikely. Muffin diet?

@Tomtids Awesome, I’m assuming that’s for your new place?! Congratulations to you and Alex.

England have just won the World T20 cricket final against Australia. Emphatic, impressive 7-wicket win. World champions! #t20

Create a page where people can ask you questions. Simple but effective.

Word of the day in the @globaldev team is… facepalm.

@Tomtids I’ve heard good things about Things - I think @timblair uses it. I use @simplenoteapp on my iPhone

Fascinating photos from the last minutes of Brown’s prime ministership in No 10:


Font and @font-face web font containing royalty-free icons


Tidies, corrects and formats HTML

Apple iPad User Analysis

Uses demographic info that Yahoo! knows to profile iPad early adopters. Summary: mostly male, 30-54, with an iPhone.

Voted #ge2010

@stooty I’d forgotten how lo-fi voting was: two old ladies with a pad of voting slips and a big black box. Simple. Hung does look likely.

The Guardian nails its colours to the Lib Dem mast: #libdems #ge2010