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June 2010

RT @globaldev: And we’re live! Come visit us at - my team’s new site. My favourite part:

@Tomtids COME ON TIM!

CSS for iPhone 4

Targeting iPhone 4 with HTML link tag

Joined the iPhone 4 club. So much more zippy than my 3G. Gadget lust sated (for this month).

@nstanley Love the pixel density, camera and dramatic speed increase. I’d previously been on a 3G so worth it for me.


Push notifications to your mobile. API service, hooks in GitHub too.

Sencha Touch

Sencha (new name for ExtJS) provides a mobile web app Javascript framework that delivers an iOS-like experience, but also on Android touch devices.

Crisp Thinking

Behavioural analysis to combat fraud, scammers and spam - NetModerator

Very pleased with Apple customer service: my 18 month old dead Time Capsule is being replaced for free, all by post.

1024 Square | Beautiful iPad wallpaper

Publishing a Blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll

Beware of turning hobbies into jobs

Hugh McLeod’s sage advice: a [wo]man needs a job and a hobby…

Finished writing the first article for our new @globaldev dev team website, launching at the end of June.

Looped rain sound effect, perfect for productivity/sleep

Third Door Office & Playspace

Office space, child play area and meeting space in one.

Git Reference

"Login" is not a verb

Just clocked up 1,000 listens to Death Cab for Cutie according to scrobbles. I didn’t realise I listen to them so much.

In the Royal Enclosure with @WLD partners (@ Ascot Racecourse w/ 6 others)

Sat down to lunch with @WLD partners at #royalascot

@wooders Free champagne dahling! Her Maj is dawdling along. Waiting to get racing. Met Stuart from UR7, he says hi. Small world.

@FrancescaHeath Very well. Partners enjoying themselves too. Great organisation from you!

@mattjukes I’ve been searching for the rabbit but no luck so far. Maybe I need a magic word?

Practising with my top hat ready for #royalascot tomorrow. There’s a good reason these things went out of fashion.


Another bulk email delivery engine for web apps


Bulk email sender, designed for web apps

The End of :hover?

Relying on an input device allowing hovering is increasingly dangerous - touch devices can’t support :hover

Say goodbye to Flash with our all new charts

They’ve moved to Raphael (JS charting library). Also interesting is the commentary on how they wanted to support the iPad and the considerations around :hovering and persistent detail/tips

Flipping Slovakia in the @globalpersonals World Cup sweepstake. 400-1 useless rank outsiders. Meh.

@cronkshaw Almost got away with putting it back in the hat too.

@souperphly You never know Phil. Hey, time for you to swap that profile image of Rafa for Roy Hodgson.

Today's Guardian (Phil Gyford’s website)

…and here’s creator Phil’s background to why he built it.

Today's Guardian

A completely different way of reading The Guardian online, more like the printed newspaper with a sense of reading from a beginning to the end. Less friction and interruptions too.

@PaulCaudell Check out ex Beta Band Steve Mason’s solo stuff:

Start of @ian_winter’s stag do. Others arriving and stag still relatively sober. Our task begins…

Max Events

Stag & Hen party weekends and corporate events in Bournemouth, Bristol and Oxford

@Tomtids Even better, Road Wars is based around Slough and Windsor so I can see hoodlums get nicked just round the corner on TV.

Bumped into half of @globalpersonals at our local gym this evening. What a healthy bunch we are!

Pure CSS speech bubbles

No JavaScript or HTML cruft

Single Britons being duped by West African gangs on dating websites

Telegraph story on scammers on online dating sites

Web Development For The iPhone And iPad: Getting Started

Yahoo's Incomprehensible Mission Statement

“Yahoo! powers and delights our communities of users, advertisers, and publishers - all of us united in creating indispensable experiences, and fueled by trust.”


Pure magic. A JavaScript library that parses a SWF and writes out animation as HTML and JavaScript. Hefty but amazing nonetheless.

Repeat-x Repeat-y

Repeating backgrounds

Find JavaScript jobs on JavaScript Ninja Jobs