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July 2010

@the_G Sounds like some sort of LARP character - Graham, the mystical Munin Graphing King.

Writing a multi-page document with Markdown, TextMate and a handy bit of CSS for printing: h2 { page-break-before: always; }

Packed my girlfriend off to Cuba for a fortnight’s holiday, now on to Clapham to watch Doves and others at the Ben & Jerry’s festival.

At the Ben & Jerry’s Festival (@ Clapham Common w/ 38 others)

@johannduplessis I have indeed thanks. Setting up a meeting with them while I’m in JHB. Hoping to find solution to the R30 SMS limit too.

@thesambarnes So jealous. Saw Roy on IT Crowd wearing it and wanted it immediately. Good work sir.

HTML5 enabling script

Get IE to acknowledge HTML5 tags

"Experts" misunderestimate our traffic, and we don't know why

Reddit’s visit numbers dramatically different between the commercial market size companies and their own GA stats

Stashboard: The open source status dashboard

Provides a historic record of service availability for APIs or SaaS apps. Runs on Google App Engine.


File uploading, resizing, encoding, thumbnailing and storage. Has a jQuery plugin for a progress bar

@cronkshaw Johannesburg from 11-14 August at why, are you in SA too?

Looking at South African companies that provide non-card payment methods ahead of @tech4africa next month. Recommendations welcome.

27C outside and yet I’ve got my little electric heater turned to max to counteract the air con #moan #whinge

The Register comment guidelines 2010

Friendly, easy-to-understand guidelines for posting

Grid backgrounds for iPhone

In praise of continuous deployment

How deploys on average 16 times a day: more agile, better for customers, less gatekeepers

Attracting Normals

Well argued point - don’t design for geeks, target the Normals

Waterfall, Scrum, and Kanban, Oh My

Summaries of the author’s views on Waterfall, XP, Scrum and Kanban

Some WebOps Interview Questions

Test Cards for Protx (SagePay)

Social media usage up 159% in the UK

…and now accounts for almost 23% of time spent on the internet in the UK

On Working Remotely

Real-time chat, video/voice, persistent mailing list, Monday meetings with minutes

What you can learn from Panic's approach to email marketing

I love the attention-grabbing glowing “click here to x” button that uses webkit glow animation. Useful in normal web pages too.

Sticky Sidebar with Scrolling

A more advanced form of “position: fixed” that initially scrolls until it hits a mark

Elements Of Twitter Style


Posters for modern technology from a 1977 perspective

SoftFacade — We create digital brands

Stunning icon designs and branding

Table cell backgrounds that work in Outlook

Add a background image to individual table cells in your email via proprietary Microsoft VML behaviours

Online payments, gateway, merchant accounts and shopping cart services. Used by Lovestruck

Registered for @tech4africa next month in Johannesburg with @rosswilliams to learn more about the web, tech, mobile and payments in SA.


PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features, including border-radius, box-shadow and linear-gradient

The new #bbcnewssite is much better in my opinion. Sensible URLs, whitespace and even a switch to Helvetica with webkit antialiasing.

@mmmmspaz Ouch, fair point.

Watching Laura run the Race for Life (@ Windsor Racecourse w/ 3 others)

UX Myths - Myth #3: People don’t scroll

Keep important stuff above the fold but it’s fine to have content below this providing you “follow certain design principles”.


Service to convert hCalendar and hCard microformatted pages into ics and vcf files.

A bad start to my @globaldev Table Football League season: a loss to Rebound King @ian_winter.

jQuery.popeye 2.0

Inline alternative to lightboxes, with gallerys, scaling out and captions

30 Innovative And Creative Text Effect Tutorials

Exploring the software behind Facebook

A wealth of useful info on all the components used to power FB.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m missing ill Jim Beglin’s banalities on ITV’s #worldcup coverage. Solo Tyldesley is far worse.