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September 2010

Less Framework 2

CSS framework with baseline grids, media-queries and boilerplate code

Irradiated Software - Cinch

Snap windows to the sides of your Mac display - or maximise them

ProCSSor - Advanced CSS Prettifier

Cinderella - A Development Environment for Macs

Mac dev environment containing MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Python, Node.js, Erlang and more - powered by rvm, homebrew and chef

@AdrianPoynton I’m bruised, battered and tired but happy after a thoroughly good stag weekend. Thanks for organising it all.

Enjoying the Friday @globaldev team forum. Good discussion with the team on deployment.

“Shall we make a DVD?” sing the Gooners at WHL. Class. Game over. #nld #arsenal

Watching the Great North Run coverage hoping to catch a glimpse of Super Laura in action.

@POLITICSEDITOR No seatbelt? Let’s hope the paps don’t start chasing him through any tunnels PS Hello mate!

@POLITICSEDITOR Not so much mashing it up as sending emails. C'est la vie. Enjoying all this Pope pummelling. How’s Westminster?

Sketch | Vector drawing for OS X

Ajax IM

A free, open-source, extensible, customisable instant messaging framework, based on PHP and node.js.

At the Rec watching players from Bath and London Irish warm up. Very much being ignored by a giddy Laura.

@marckysharky Watching programmes in SD offends my eyes. I refuse to watch anything unless it’s in HD, except MoTD of course.

It’s been a hard Friday. Scrub, massage, gym, swim, sauna, steam room, monsoon shower and now this:

@hobbsy Hopefully it’ll just be a break though.

@hobbsy Yeah, saw them at Clapham Common in July and it was all a bit flat compared to previous gigs. They need a recharge I think.

The xx shake off Weller and those tedious folkies to win the #mercury prize. Great album, still playing it regularly.

@RadioSuntan Sssh. I’ll probably really enjoy it, but don’t tell anyone!

@rosswilliams Don’t tell me you’ve never had a chap rub his special “essential oils” into your back…

Spa weekend in Wiltshire booked. Dangerously outside my comfort zone, but have gained vast numbers of girlfriend brownie points.

@timblair My thoughts exactly! Tried it, shrugged and disabled it.

Great morning at @dconstruct productivity workshop. Getting myself organised.

Back from a lovely break in France I’m tonight heading to Brighton for the @dconstruct workshops and conference with @ioptics and @timblair